Issue 11: Emails to the Editor

Select messages received by the Editor


I would just like to congratulate you on the beautiful magazine you have put together. I have only recently come across it in east London, so therefore it would be good to distribute as much as we can. I am a secondary teacher in education and think it would be beneficial for many of our students, for literature as well as getting involved in any projects you run or planning to run in London. Please keep me posted.

Yassar Sadiq, London


I have received the Nov/Dec edition of the magazine, and mashallah it’s very good. I read it cover to cover as soon as I got it. I found Ali & Jamal’s conversation very amusing, it was great. Loved the section on sound of Islam and the nasheeds page. I’m really pleased with the pages on depression & fatal attraction. And I have to say that the bit on Malcolm X was brilliant, I never really knew much about his life. Alhumdulillah the whole magazine is 10/10. Oh and the bit on stop and search was very good lol.


Sofie Ayub, Birmingham


I would just like to say I don’t know how I got your last issue but I was so hooked on it, the information about Jesus was a great shock to me, as I never knew that much about him. I would just like to say carry on with this great work, you are definitely having a great impact on us youth, thank u.

Nazish, Leicest


First, I would like to say I am very fond of your mag and it is the only erligious mag I read. This is because it is very today. What I don't understand is that you say it is haram to have a girlfriend or boyfriend, yet you have a MUSLIM dating agency advert in the mag??

Sabah, Manchester

Assalamu alaykum,

I've just managed to get hold of your magazine, mashallah very impressive and definitely enjoyed reading it. I picked it up from central mosque Birmingham (Highgate). I didn’t know this magazine existed. Could you kindly send more magazines in the future.

Junaid, Birmingham


I just want to congratulate all The Revival team for doing an excellent job. The magazine really does communicate well and the issues raised in the magazine are true and it's what's happening in todays society. Keep up the good work.

I just want to make a small suggestion, if it's possible for the next issue of The Revival could you do a section on namaz i.e. how do you read farz, sunnat etc and what you need to read in every rakat etc. ALso could you include some info on what you need to read when you are reading namaz in jama'at as I feel that there are a lot of brothers and sisters out there that don't really know the basics and inshallah I think The Revival team could really help the brothers and sisters to gain this knowledge.

Mohammad Istakhar, Oldham

Assalamu Allaikum

There's nothing majorly unislamic about the magazine but some things I disagree with. Pictures of women not covered properly (without Hijab)… I am aware that some of these pictures are part of advertisements. The fatal attraction articles uses words like 'Playa and Ho' which personally even I find is not befitting for a Muslim to use as Da'wah. The first joke in the '9 things I hate' question isn't appropriate. Also advertising an unislamic TV channel. I know this may seem trivial but as a student of knowledge I don't thionk this content is befitting for a Muslim. Other than that I think your other articles and content is erally good mashAllah. Jazakallah khair for all your efforts.

Mariah, Bradford

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