The Burning of Quran – A Modern Act of Barbarism

The burning of religious books has been documented in history many times before. Such heinous acts are a proof of the hatred of people towards a certain concept or teaching. However, contrary to the popular belief, the burning of religious books in not only limited to Quran. Many other religions have been a victim of such atrocious activities to subdue the person or religion behind a teaching or concept.For more details please visit the site below:

There has to come a point when you ask yourself if the Quran-burning is not hatred of Islamic concepts at all, but a statement by fed-up right-wing lunatics about the regard in which the Quran is held to justify suicide bombings and a ubiquitous persecution of minorities. Muslims might be suckers because the same dictators being overthrown today always used the Quran to justify mass psychopathy, and powerful movements are pushing for an even more illiberal future. For many non-Muslims that is your Quran, an eminently burnable dogma of hate. Sorry to tell you that.

Still: people who burn holy books to get a reaction are fringe dickheads. I would think Muslims who actually live in the West can see that and do not need to hear the interpretations of yet more incensed yokels.

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