Please explain this extremely sexist sounding Hadith.

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love the profile picture! does this mean all the time you've been being ironic?

Don't just do something! Stand there.

Ya'qub wrote:
love the profile picture! does this mean all the time you've been being ironic?

its sarcasm actually...

Is it true? Is it kind? Is it necessary?

You wrote:

surely that only prooves, if anything, that men are better at doing IQ tests than women.

iq tests are different from intelligence.

in fact, there are many different kinds of 'intelligences'.

Don't just do something! Stand there.

I have read the explanations of this Hadith, all of them, from the link given. Every single one of them is almost as sexist as the Hadith itself! For example, one of the scholars states “A woman is overloaded by being a mother or a babysitter or pregnant. All these carriers are around the clock, because of what she is, she is always likely to forget more than a man who is devoted to one career only. Allah is merciful, he forgives her and makes it easy for her when she is not fully responsible to give a full testimony as a witness. Nothing of that is defaming a woman”. She is likely to forget more than a man?!? Really? Is this not sexist? Allah has to forgive a woman simply for being a woman? The explanations are weak at best, sexist at worst, but totally unconvincing. But the most alarming thing here is NOT ONE of the scholars makes the slightest attempt to explain why the majority of “Hell dwellers” are women. Any argument that states that this only applies to a small number of women and not every woman on the face of the Earth, falls apart by the very fact that at the beginning of the Hadith it states the majority of hell dwellers are women. This makes it global, this makes it about EVERY woman. This is the most sexist part of the Hadith and not one scholar has tried to explain that one, because they cannot.

i've heard this hadith paak many times i am a woman i am trying to be a muslim so of course i agree hear and obey, and anyway aren't there more women in the world then men?

and yes i believe in Koran and Hadith completely 

i have met many muslim so called feminists they really don't have a leg to stand on sorry but as a muslim you can't pick and choose parts of islam you agree with

if we truly believe in Allah and His Rusul Sallallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam (Peace and Blessings be upon him) then we can't question their words 

plus all my life i have tried to not be like the women mentioned in the Hadith paak so yea we can change ourselves and not be one of those ladies destined for hell

less gossiping, more gratefulness to our men folk, more manners all round and humility, sharam would do wonders for us women