[TV] Dispatches: Lessons in Hate and Violence

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Anyone see the Bernie Mac sketch on Kings of Comedy?

Anyone see the Bernie Mac sketch on Kings of Comedy?

First thing...it was one school and yet they generalised it towards the end of the programme as if it is a common practice.

Secondly...how many of us actually get involved at the local mosques and keep an eye or contribute(not just financially) towards activities/services provided there. Its easy to point out fingers and play the blame game. We should rather find out if any of our local mosque is a similar place as highlighted in this documentary.

the one in my local are doesnt but theres one thats close by that does aparantly
i know this because my mate goes to one and he has a lot of hate views towards a non muslim and when i saw him weeks ago he was telling them to me and wanted me to be involved but i was like heeeeelllll nooooo dude
islam is about peace and shouldnt we enlighten them with the words of islam rather than hate them and he was like the enemies of Allah should be the enemies of us and i was like whatever it wasnt their choice they grew up a non muslim as we were brought up muslim
and yeah i mentioned it to my sisters and they were like theres a circle in a mosque somewhere close by to where i live that teaches that and i was like yeaaaaahh thats the mosque my mate goes to Smile
i'll try to find out the mosques area and name before i can mention anything incase im wrong but yeah Biggrin
sorry about the essay Wacko

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if you can get me some chocolate that would be great.

Mosque teachers really need to understand the younger generation.

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