Your Family And Your Deen

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"Ramz" wrote:
"MuslimSister" wrote:
OR do you come from the sort of family who is a lot more religious then you? Is your mum always telling you to cover up (if you’re a girl) or always telling you to grow a beard (if you’re a guy)….

Are they always trying to force you to go to religious programmes that you don’t want to attend?

My family are in that category. I have nothing against Islam, but my parents are always trying to ram it down my throat. This is is partly why I decided to live on campus, to get away from them and their crazy ideas. :roll:

I believe in freedom of choice, if they had their way they'd wrap me up in Black and marry me off to the first desi guy who asks for my hand.

i used to be in the same boat as u

i still kinda am-I'm always forced to go to programmes :roll:

but I happily wear a Hijaab

but my parents don't really ask a lot from me

mum does do my head in regarding MTV tho