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Hi Malik, I've posted my pro-Palestinian position on a number of Muslim forums, and several times on this board. When a non-Muslim says he is pro-Palestinian, it is entirely up to you whether you accept this support, or whether you accuse him/her of lying just to maintain your persecution complex.

I am neutral to Jews and Judaism whilst having great sympathy with the Palestinians, because I do not think Judaism or Jews as a whole should be condemned on the basis of extreme Zionism. In addition, whilst I think the creation of Israel was a mistake, I would almost certainly support Israel should it come to war, even if Israel starts it by bombing Iran's nuclear facilities. It is a perfectly reasonable position to hold.

I will not ask you further questions about your Ayatollah here, I will just ask on a Shia forum. I just thought I'd give you an opportunity to answer as the episode I mentioned is highly damaging to your religion.

malik wrote:
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Funzo wrote:
I agree with Malik..

I don't.

Well do you agree with the state of Israel?

does the bear shit in the wood.

what is a jew going to answer to your question Funzo.
naturally he is going to support his people even in their murder of innocents and suppression of Palestinians rights.


your levels of ignorance is riddiculous...certain jews reject the state of israel and oppose Israel so much so they protest alongside muslims...but i guess if your ayotollah has said otherwise im just talking out of my backside arent i?

Those who danced were thought to be quite insane, by those who couldn't hear the music...

Tread Softly wrote:

I would almost certainly support Israel should it come to war

i knew that already; i have been saying it in many posts. its not about ability to read hearts. its listening to your evil hypocritical words.
at least now you have stated it clearly for everyone to read. obviously you are pro-Jewish. this means either you are a jew, or you are under some pressure of a jew. maybe you work for a jewish employer?

The pro-Israel and pro-Jewish people are mostly oppressive people. They are anti-justice. anyone can see through their lies and cover ups. the reason is simple:
All pro-zionists people are anti-morality. They are unjust people and God's wrath is upon them.
How can any moral person refuse to condemn the stealing of Palestine and the murder of Palestinians since 1948.

God curse all Israeli thieves and curse all Israeli killers and oppressors. May God severely punish them and their lovers in this life and in the next life.

Iraelis are evil; they have blood and cries of muslim women and children on their dark souls.

Ayatollah rightly named America as "Great Satan".

There are two types of Jews, good and bad. Most of them are bad and want to kill and burn muslims. These bad jews are all called zionists. Bad jews are like these ones:

But good Jews are very few. Read below how some jews are fair. they hate israel and they like muslims.

Yesterday, Jews who are proper Jews sided with Iran and protested against Israel as an evil state. They too want Israel destroyed and wiped off the face of the earth.


The Independent, April 21, 2010

[b]Ultra-orthodox Jews protest against holiday[/b]

By Catrina Stewart in Jerusalem

A group of ultra-Orthodox Jews passionately opposed to the existence of the state of Israel burned the national flag and draped black standards of mourning outside their homes yesterday, as ordinary Israelis reflected on the state's growing isolation abroad.

Neturei Karta, a branch of Haredi Judaism, rejects the Jewish state so totally that its members do not vote or use Israeli shekels. They woo Israel's fiercest critics, including the Iranian President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

The small group protests each year on the Independence Day holiday that marks the creation of Israel. This year, the protests come at a time when many Jewish Israelis are feeling sensitive about the path the country is taking. Israel's relations with its closest ally, the US, are at their lowest point in years over Jewish settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

Neturei Karta ("Guardians of the City"), founded in the late Thirties, has lambasted what it describes as Israel's "aggression and calls for violence" against its enemies. The group is also an ardent supporter of a separate Palestinian state, and has sent several missions to the Gaza Strip. Members believe Jews were sent into exile by divine decree, and are destined to remain stateless until the coming of the Messiah.

Ayatollah rightly named America as "Great Satan".

Zionists are truly evil. they have no justice in them. israeli soldiers shot dead palestinians, but the soldiers got away with murder. they werent even sacked. muslim blood is so cheap to them.

The Independent, Wednesday, 28 April 2010


[b]Israeli soldiers given minor reprimands over shooting of Palestinian civilians[/b]

By Catrina Stewart in Jerusalem

Israeli officers held responsible for the deaths of four Palestinians in the West Bank received only minor reprimands after an internal investigation concluded that the deaths could have been avoided.

Chief of Staff Gabi Ashkenazi, Israel's military chief, admitted that the incidents last month "could have ended differently" and could have "avoided causing harm to civilians".

The two fatal shooting incidents, just 24 hours apart, marked the most serious escalation of tensions in the occupied West Bank in months, and threatened to destroy the fragile calm that has persisted there in recent years.

In one case, Israeli soldiers fired on Palestinian protesters, killing two. In a second incident, a soldier killed two Palestinians who he claimed had tried to attack him. Mr Ashkenazi reprimanded two senior officers – a colonel and a lieutenant colonel – and removed a squad commander from his post, a military statement said. The soldiers who fired the lethal rounds appeared to escape censure.

Israeli human rights organisations denounced the military investigation, claiming that it failed to hold the soldiers accountable for their actions and upheld the army's culture of impunity.

"It is extremely rare for the Israeli security forces to be held accountable in cases where they have killed or injured Palestinian civilians," said Sarit Michaeli, a spokeswoman for B'Tselem, an Israeli NGO.

She said that the army should open criminal investigations into both cases rather than conduct "internal operational debriefs" that skirt the legal issues regarding the soldiers' actions. "There are credible allegations, these must be investigated," she said.

On 20 March, Israeli forces faced Palestinian protesters in the village of Iraq Burin as they tried to prevent clashes with extremist Jewish settlers from nearby Bracha. In the ensuing skirmish, Israeli soldiers killed two Palestinian teenagers, Mohammed Qadus and Osaid Qadus.

The military statement said Israeli forces had been authorised to use rubber bullets against the Palestinians, but, as reported by The Independent, medics who examined the body insisted that live ammunition had been used, and produced X-rays that appeared to show a conventional bullet lodged in the skull of Osaid Qadus.

The Israeli army said a Military Police investigation into the claims that live rounds were used was still ongoing. The army "could not verify the autopsy and could therefore not confirm that the rioters were in fact hit by live rounds," the statement said.

In Awarta a day later, an Israeli soldier fired on two Palestinians who approached a checkpoint and started "acting suspiciously," according to the statement. The first apparently tried to attack the soldier with a bottle, prompting the soldier to shoot him. The second then allegedly wielded a "sharp object" and was also shot dead.

The soldier fired seven bullets into Mohammed Qawariq and at least three into Saleh Qawariq, according to Palestinian doctors. "While the soldier, believing his life was at risk, acted subjectively, the Chief of the General Staff holds the officers responsible for training their soldiers to act in difficult operational situations," the military said.

Relatives of the deceased denied that they tried to attack the soldier and said they were only metal workers looking for scrap.

this shows how racist israel is towards muslims. it does not care about anyone but jews. but inshallah, soon Iran will get them with God's help. Ayatollah will sink their evil country.
God's curse be on Israel and all those who support it.

Ayatollah rightly named America as "Great Satan".

Get ready for end of Israel. Its own friends are now deserting the evil satanic Jewish state.

Israel days are over. UK and US now dont trust Israel.

There are lots of news stories in our daily newspapers and magazines like NEWSWEEK and NEW STATESMAN which show that jews are now being investigated for criminal activity across europe and canada and america. Here is one latest example which is offically confirmed by British foreign office.

This report proves how evil and treaturous Israel really is.


[b]Britain not to allow Israeli Mossad to use London[/b]


Britain is preventing Israel from replacing a Mossad agent it expelled in March after the Jewish state refused to guarantee that British passports would never again be used by Mossad assassins.

Shortly after the expulsion, Israeli officials claimed to have received private assurances from Britain that they would swiftly be able to replace the ejected diplomat, putting an end to the spat.

But Israel has ignored British demands for a formal assurance that UK passports would not be cloned again.

Britain said "We look to Israel to rebuild the trust we believe is required for the full and open relationship we would like."

"We have asked for specific assurances from Israel, which would clearly be a positive step towards rebuilding that trust. Any Israeli request for the diplomat to be replaced would be considered against the context of these UK requests."

Britain threw out the Israeli diplomat, believed to be Mossad's London station chief, after accusing the spy agency of cloning the identities of 12 Britons living in Israel during its mission to kill Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, a Hamas commander, in his hotel room in Dubai.

Therefore, Israel is now in US and UK bad books.


Ayatollah rightly named America as "Great Satan".

You do realise that David Cameron, the likely PM coming the day after tomorrow, is a self Professed Zionist?

Israel has to wait 48 hours before there is a more sympathetic government... Not exactly the end of the world.

"For too long, we have been a passively tolerant society, saying to our citizens 'as long as you obey the law, we will leave you alone'" - David Cameron, UK Prime Minister. 13 May 2015.

YOU are wrong. why dont you watch PRESS TV. they reveal the fact about Israel and Conservatives.

He is not a zionists any more than Obama is a Jew. Prime Minister Cameron was just trying to please the Jewish lobby and win their vote. Its politics and not real love for Israel.
If you look into Tories, they actually hate Israel. They are anti-Jewish. You watch what they do to Israel in next 5 years.

did you not see program what Iranian TV reported during the 3 televised debates? their reports were totally different from what BBC and CNN told you. Only Press TV analysed the whole situation correctly. America, Britain, France, Canada and other are all turning against the zionists. They are almost at an end. Israel will soon be gone.

check it on [b]sky channel 515[/b], or go to their website.

Ayatollah rightly named America as "Great Satan".

I didn't need to watch the comentary of any news channels since I watched 1.6 of them in person.

I don't need someone to make up a narrative to explain what I saw as something other than what it was.

"For too long, we have been a passively tolerant society, saying to our citizens 'as long as you obey the law, we will leave you alone'" - David Cameron, UK Prime Minister. 13 May 2015.

if you dont believe the reports i posted above, then you tell me that according to YOU,
how long will Israel survive? How do yo think it will be around? 10 years, 100 years, 1000?

what is your best guess?

go on, take a shot.

Ayatollah rightly named America as "Great Satan".

I don't need to take a shot at how long it will exist for.

Gambling in not my sin.

"For too long, we have been a passively tolerant society, saying to our citizens 'as long as you obey the law, we will leave you alone'" - David Cameron, UK Prime Minister. 13 May 2015.

Israel is now history. it attacked an aid ship killing oxfam workers and others who were trying to help the poor Palestinians who are being oppressed for 4 years by the jewish govenrment. muslims everywhere are payring for Palestinians and asking God to curse the israelis.

this immoral state was set up in 1948 on muslim land. it is therefore illegal state. israel has killed and expelled innocent muslims for 60 years. now its days are over. Arabs are going to wipe it off the map.
Iran said it will lead the muslims in getting rid of this racist and unjust state.


Monday, May 31, 2010

[b]BBC: Deaths as Israeli forces storm Gaza aid ship[/b]

More than 10 people have been killed after Israeli commandos stormed a convoy of ships carrying aid to the Gaza Strip, the Israeli army says.

Armed forces boarded the largest vessel overnight, clashing with some of the 500 people on board.

It happened about 40 miles (64 km) out to sea, in international waters.

Israel says its soldiers were shot at and attacked with weapons; the activists say Israeli troops came on board shooting.

There has been widespread condemnation of the violence, with several countries summoning the Israeli ambassadors serving there.

UN chief Ban Ki-moon said he was "shocked by reports of killings and injuries" and called for a "full investigation" into what happened.

[b]Iran: Ahmadinejad slams Israel convoy attack[/b]

Iran has condemned Israel's deadly attack on a flotilla carrying thousands of tons of supplies for Gaza, calling the regime in Tel Aviv a threat to global peace and security.

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad rejected the notion on Monday that the Israeli raid on the Freedom Flotilla was indicative of Tel Aviv's military muscle, explaining further that it was a mere symbol of its weakness.

President Ahmadinejad said Israel was "fabricated not only with the aim of gaining control over the Middle East but also over the entire world."

Calling for international efforts to save the Palestinian nation, the Iranian president said, "Supporting the people of Palestine is equal to supporting peace and freedom of every nation."

In separate remarks, Secretary of Iran's Supreme National Security Council Saeed Jalili also blasted Israel for the deadly attack and called it a sign of Israeli weakness.

Jalili went on to say that the convoy raid proved US President Barack Obama's 'peace plan' for the Middle East as a "cheat."

Meanwhile, Spokesman for the Iranian Parliament's National Security and Foreign Policy Commission Kazem Jalali described the fatal attack by Israel on the Gaza aid convoy a "war crime."

Jalali also criticized Tel Aviv for being a "threat to global security."

The condemnations come after Israeli forces launched an early morning attack on the international aid fleet en route to the besieged Gaza Strip, killing at least 20 people and leaving scores injured.

The Secretary of Iran's Supreme National Security Council has vehemently condemned Israel's brutal attack on an aid convoy headed for Gaza, saying it shows the Israel's "sheer desperation."

"Under growing pressure from world public opinion, the criminal and terrorist Zionist regime has now resorted to maritime murder", said Saeed Jalili, dismissing the attack as "terrorist piracy."

He said such moves by the Israeli regime symbolize Tel Aviv and Washington's "60-year opposition to the freedom of nations".

"The behavior of the Israeli regime over the past year, particularly the terrorist act this morning, indicates Obama's peace plan was a deceptive move aiming to buy the Zionist regime time," added Jalili.

He said the Israeli attack on the Gaza aid flotilla is a test of will for all those who claim to be advocates of freedom and human rights.

"The US as well as the Zionist regime's regional and international sympathizers should be accountable to the world public opinion for supporting Tel Aviv," said Jalili.

Press TV, and Nahar, websites both allow comments from reader. but the other arab new channel Al Jazeera is trying hard to not show the horror of the Israeli crime. it hardly lets you post comments or criticisms. most muslims think it is actually a pro-israel channel disguised to fool the arabs. west only pretents to dislike it to confuse the muslims.
Last year, Iran named Al Jazeera a "Hebrew Channel" because it gives most of its airtime for pro-israeli stance; and anti-muslim experts get most invitations, but Hamas and other anti-jewish groups are given very little air time.

Ayatollah rightly named America as "Great Satan".

I got email this morning giving another proof that Israel is a monster.

World is slowly waking up to brutal murders committed by Israel in Gaza last year.

Israeli army wiped out entire muslim family of 21 people, women and children included. May Allah wipe out Israel from this Earth. I pray they zionists never live in peace ever i this life and burn in hell in the next.

Today in 2010 the Jews are doing to Muslims what German Nazis did to Jews in 1940.

INDEPENDENT - Saturday, 23 October 2010
Donald Macintyre in Jerusalem

'Even if the Israelis confess, I don't expect any justice from them'

Survivor of the air strike has little faith in outcome of the inquiry

Maysa Samouni, whose husband Tawfiq, 21, was killed and baby daughter Jumana, now two, was injured in the building struck by missiles on 5 January, 2009, was unmoved yesterday by the progress of the investigation into the attack.
"The court wouldn't bring back my husband," she said. "Even if they [the Israelis] confessed that they shot at the warehouse crowded with the civilians, I didn't expect any justice from them."
Nor did Mrs Samouni, now 22, seem much impressed by the prospect of compensation, claims for which could be aided by any prosecutions flowing from the military police investigation. "The world stands on [Israel's] side. Money can't compensate what I had lost.
Mrs Samouni, who lives with her parents, was one of the first and most lucid witnesses to the attack. She gave the Israeli human rights agency B'Tselem by telephone two days after the attack a detailed – and since corroborated – account of the events both before and after it took place. She told the agency she was in a group of about 35 family members led by troops with blackened faces to the house of Talal Samouni, the previous day and then later ordered to go to the house of Wael Samouni.
After the missile strike on the men who had gone outside the building, she said: "Everything filled up with smoke and dust, and I heard screams and crying. After the smoke and dust cleared a bit, I looked around and saw 20-30 people who were dead, and about 20 who were wounded. Some were severely wounded and some lightly."
When the smoke cleared she saw that both her husband and her father in law "whose brain was on the floor" were among the dead.
Mrs Samouni, a second-year IT student, remains as resilient today as when she was interviewed by The Independent six months after the war ended. "I'm strong and patient," she said yesterday. "Even, if the war would start tomorrow, nothing much worse would happen to me than what happened during the war."
But she says she still carries the sadness of that day. "I remember what had happened as if it happened yesterday. It lives with me, at home, on my way to college and at the classroom and when I walk with my friends. I've no problem about keeping talking about it.
"My wound is profound, it won't be healed, but the blow which didn't kill me, it makes me stronger. I'm strong, I don't fear the Israelis."


The true picture of the brutal Gaza invasion comes into focus

It was the most terrible episode to emerge from a terrible war.

During the Israeli assault on Gaza in January 2009, Palestinian civilians in the Zeitoun area of Gaza City were instructed by the Israeli Defence Force (IDF) to take refuge in a local warehouse for their own safety. Yet that warehouse was subsequently hit by Israeli missiles. Some 21 Palestinians were killed, all from the same extended family.

The initial Israeli investigation of the incident, ordered by the IDF chief of staff, cleared the commanders on the ground of any wrongdoing. But now, almost two years on, senior army officers are under investigation again. Air force officers are reported to have testified that the senior commander who ordered the warehouse attack, Ilan Malka, was told that there were civilians in the area.

We must await the result of this investigation. Yet there are already some lessons to be drawn. If Israeli officers did not know there were civilians in the warehouse, they most certainly should have, since their own troops had been shepherding Palestinian civilians to that location. If nothing else this was a disgraceful failure of communication by the IDF. The picture of what actually took place on that day – compiled by the courageous Israeli human rights campaign group Breaking the Silence – also suggests a profound lesson. It would appear that Palestinian civilians who had left the warehouse to collect firewood were spotted by an Israeli pilotless drone and wrongly identified as armed militants. It was this information alone that resulted in the attack being launched. It is scarcely believable that the Israeli military called in an air strike in a civilian area on the basis of nothing more than a blurry video from an overhead drone.

This incident needs to be seen in the context of the criticisms made of the Israeli military by the United Nations' Goldstone report in September 2009. This accused the IDF of using excessive firepower and disregarding the likelihood of civilian deaths in Gaza.

The Israeli military was said to have engaged in the collective punishment of Palestinian civilians through the deliberate destruction of water sanitation systems and residential buildings. Goldstone also said that attacks on Gaza City's Al Quds Hospital and an adjacent ambulance depot might constitute war crimes. This interpretation of IDF conduct was supported by testimony obtained from low-ranking frontline soldiers by Breaking the Silence, which highlighted dangerously loose rules of military engagement and the use of Palestinian civilians as human shields.

The UN report was instantly dismissed by the Israeli state as "biased" and "ludicrous". And groups such as Breaking the Silence have been slurred and intimidated within Israel.

Yet the external pressure generated by the Goldstone findings appears to have played a part in prompting this fresh IDF investigation. And it is through the efforts of groups such as Breaking the Silence that the outside world has been able to build up a picture of what actually took place in Gaza.

Israel does itself no favours by instinctively dismissing all criticism of the conduct of its military as dishonest or unwarranted. The Israeli Defence Force often cites its motto of "purity of arms". Rather than attacking the efforts of those who seek to hold it to this high standard, the Israeli military should welcome them.


It was the Gaza assault's worst atrocity. Now the truth may finally be told

Israeli military police are investigating whether an air strike which killed 21 members of the same family sheltering in a building during the Army's Gaza offensive in 2008-9 was authorised by a senior brigade commander who had been warned of the danger to civilians.

The new turn in the enquiry has cast a fresh spotlight on what is widely thought to be the worst single incident involving civilian casualties during Operation Cast Lead, the missile attack on a building in the Zeitoun district of Gaza City, where around 100 members of the extended Samouni family were taking refuge on the morning of 4 January, 2009.

The missile attack, which also injured 19 people, came early in the ground offensive. According to many Palestinian witnesses, it came after troops in the Givati brigade ordered dozens of family members, including women and children, to move to the building the previous day.

It also coincides with evidence that the attack followed photographs from an aerial drone of men collecting firewood outside the building, including boards from a small structure next to it, which was interpreted by Givati brigade commanders as indicating they were carrying a rocket-propelled grenade launcher. While the first missile – thought to have been fired from a drone – was aimed at the group of men, injuring a few, at least two more landed on the building itself after they had hurried back inside.

Interviews with soldiers who were in the area at the time, carried out by Amira Hass of the Israeli daily Haaretz and the Israeli veterans' and human rights group Breaking The Silence, have helped to cast fresh light on just what happened on the morning in question.

Part of the military police investigation is now expected to focus on whether senior officers, including the Brigade Commander, Col. Ilan Malka, were aware of the civilian presence at the location or in the immediate area when he authorised the strike.

The military did not comment yesterday on specific Israeli media reports that airforce officers had already testified to the Samouni investigation that Col Malka had been warned that there could be civilians in the area. Col Malka has reportedly denied that he had any warning of a civilian presence.

The investigation may throw up renewed questions about whether rules of engagement in force during the Operation were too permissive.

According to the Israeli human rights agency B'tselem, 1390 Palestinians were killed during the operation, of whom 759 "did not take part in hostilities". The inquiry may also call into question whether the use of surveillance technology, including imaging from the air, is sufficiently clear to justify such attacks, particularly when not augmented by reliable human intelligence.

The existence of the investigation has already been seen as a potential, if partial, vindication of the UN enquiry under South African judge Richard Goldstone, which severely criticised the military's conduct in the Samouni case, as in many others.

Israel refused to cooperate with the enquiry and has severely criticised it since the judge's report.

The military's Judge Advocate General, Maj. Gen. Avichai Mendelblit ordered almost 50 investigations arising from the operation, though so far only three soldiers have been convicted, one for stealing and using a Palestinian's credit card and two for forcing an 11-year-old boy to open bags which could have contained explosives. Another soldier has been indicted for the fatal shooting of a person in the Gaza village of Juhr Al Dik.

In a report on five initial investigations he ordered after Operation Cast Lead, the military's Chief of Staff, Gabi Ashkenazy, said: "The IDF operated in accordance with moral values and international laws of war... and made an enormous effort to focus its fire only against the terrorists, whilst doing the utmost to avoid harming uninvolved civilians." Ashkenazy's comments came before the Goldstone report appeared.

One of the five initial investigations, under Israel Defence Forces Col. Tamir Yadi, specifically covered "claims regarding incidents in which many uninvolved civilians were harmed" and reportedly did not conclude that there had been anything unusual about the Samouni strike. This was despite graphic and largely consistent accounts by numerous Palestinian witnesses to human rights organisations, Israeli and international media, including The Independent, of the strike on the building. These said that, with those in the building cold, hungry and thirsty, a few men had left the building on the freezing early morning of 5 January in order to find wood to make a fire to make tea and to bake bread, but also to urge another relative nearby to join them in what they thought was a safe refuge. They are said to have regarded the nearby presence of soldiers as a protection.

The IDF declined to confirm a report that Yoav Galant, the outgoing head of Southern Command and the new Chief of Staff Designate, had opposed the military police investigation on the Samouni case.

Breaking the Silence confirmed yesterday that soldiers who had spoken about operations in Zeitoun during the 2008-9 offensive had been convinced that a militant Palestinian RPG squad had been operating in the area, apparently on the basis of the same – incorrect – information that led to the air strike.

That was the information they had been given over the radio by the war room, at a time close to when the strike occurred. Indeed, when a young woman, whose husband had been killed in the attack, subsequently arrrived with her injured baby daughter and her brother-in-law at a house occupied by troops, soldiers simply assumed that they had been the victims of a misfired RPG attack which had been intended for the house they were occupying, instead of a missile attack on the Wael Samouni building, of which they were unaware. The house was one of several taken over by troops during the Zeitoun operation.

In all other respects they corroborated the detailed recollection of Maysa Samouni, who did indeed arrive at a house occupied by soldiers and whose injured daughter – who had lost three fingers – was given first aid by soldiers.

Ms Hass' reconstruction, amplifying previous testimony by witnesses from the Samouni family, describes how on the morning of 4 January, force commanders – who are not among those to have talked about the day – ordered dozens of family members to leave the three storey house of Talal Samouni which had been turned into a military position.

They were told to assemble in the one-storey house of Wael Samouni, about 30 metres to the south east.

Ms Hass, who has also interviewed dozens of Samouni witnesses, says the fact that there had been elderly people, women and children were already in the group assembled there and that they had been ordered by the soldiers to go to the building, was a guarantee no harm would come to them. In the event, women and children were among those killed.

Among the several children and young adults orphaned in the blasts was Mona Samouni, now 12, who saw both her parents die at her side.

One of the questions which the current military police investigation will presumably have to decide is how it was – even if Col Malka was not specifically warned that civilians were present before the attack was authorised – that he did not know: why the war room from which the Givati operation was being run was not told the previous day that unarmed civilians, including women and children, had been ordered to move to Wael Samouni's house.

Yesterday, the military would only say that the Samouni attack was "the subject of a military police investigation".

Israeli soldiers are only following barbaric and racist religous teachings they are taught by their evil Rabbis. There is a new thread on this that shows religious leaders tell Jewish soldiers to go and slaughter muslims like animals:


Ayatollah rightly named America as "Great Satan".

malik wrote:
Israel is the worst country on Earth.
Germany was bad but Israel is badder. Zionists are much more cruel.

What do you say about Israel; tell te truth, share your opinions?


30 December 2009

[b]Israel: A monster beyond control?[/b]

By Alan Hart, researcher for ITN and BBC Panorama. ()

On the first anniversary of the beginning of Israel’s war on the Gaza Strip -- in my view it was a demonstration of Israeli state terrorism at its most naked -- it’s not enough to say that the governments of the Western powers (and others) are complicit in Israel’s on-going collective punishment of 1.5 million Palestinians, 53% of whom are children.

What is actually happening in the blockaded Gaza Strip, and less obviously on the occupied West Bank, is the continuation by stealth of Zionism’s ethnic cleansing of Palestine. My friend Professor Ilan Pappe, Israel’s leading “revisionist” (meaning honest) historian and author of The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine, would and has put it another way. What we are witnessing is, in his words, “genocide in slow motion.” And that, really, is what the governments of the Western powers (and others) are complicit in.

The question that provokes in my mind is: Why, really, are the major powers (and others) allowing it to happen?

The only answer that makes some sense to me is this. They have concluded, but cannot say, that nuclear-armed Israel, with the assistance of the Zionist lobby in all of its manifestations, is a monster beyond control.

In my analysis it’s possible to identify the moment in history when the major powers abandoned any hope they might have had of containing Zionism’s colonial ambitions.

It came, the moment, in the immediate aftermarth of the 1967 war.

Contrary to Zionism’s version of the story, it was a war of Israeli aggression not self-defense. As I document in some detail in my book Zionism: The Real Enemy of the Jews, Israel’s military and political leaders knew the Arabs were not intending to attack.

That being so, what the major powers ought to have said to Israel (in the diplomatic language of a Security Council Resolution and more explicitly behind closed doors) is something like: “Aggression cannot be rewarded. Aggressors cannot keep territory conquered in war. You are now required to get the hell out of it without laying down conditions for your withdrawal.”

To drive home the point, they could and should have reminded Israel of what President Eisenhower said to the people of America when he demanded Israel’s unconditional withdrawal from Egyptian territory after its collusion with Britain and France in 1956. Eisenhower, the first and the last American president to contain Zionism, said this:

“If we agree that armed attack can properly achieve the purposes of the assailant, then I fear we will have turned back the clock of international order. We will have countenanced the use of force as a means of settling international differences and gaining national advantage… If the UN once admits that international disputes can be settled using force, then we will have destroyed the very foundation of the organisation and our best hope for establishing a real world order.”

As it happened, the major powers could not say that to Israel in 1967 because the Johnson administration had colluded with Israel to the extent of giving it the greenlight to smash Eygpt’s armed forces, in the hope that a humiliating defeat for them would lead to the overthrow of President Nasser.

But also true is that President Johnson sought and obtained an assurance that Israel would not take advantage of the war situation to grab Jordanian and Syrian territory. It was because some in the Johnson administration (probably Defense Secretary McNamara and the Joint Chiefs of Staff) didn’t trust Israel to keep its word that the U.S. spy ship, the Liberty, was stationed off the Israel/Gaza coast to listen to IDF movement orders. And it was because Israeli Defense Minister Dayan didn’t want Johnson to know that he intended to take the West Bank and the Golan Heights that he, Dayan, ordered the attack on the Liberty. (The full story of that attack and Johnson’s cover-up of it is also in my book, in a chapter headed The Liberty Affair – “Pure Murder” on a “Great Day”).

Despite that, the major powers, including and led by America, could still have acted firmly to contain Zionism’s colonial ambitions. They could have said to Israel something like: “We can just about live with the fact that you will retain the newly occupied Arab territories as a bargaining chip, to be exchanged for peace with your Arab neighbours, but we will not allow you to settle those territories. Not one building. If you defy us on this matter, the Security Council will authorize enforcement action as necessary to oblige you to comply with international law.”

In what became Security Council Resolution 242, it was the failure of the major powers to read the riot act to Israel on the matter of not settling the newly occupied territories that marks the moment when they, the major powers, became resigned to the fact that the Zionist state, assisted by its awesomely powerful global lobby, was a monster they could not control. (They could slap it on the wrist from time to time but not control it).

The lesson of the cold-blooded attack on the Liberty was that there is nothing the Zionist entity might not do, to its friends as well as its enemies, in order to get its own way. (In my book I explain, on the basis of a conversation with Dayan, the real reason for Israel’s decision to acquire a nuclear arsenal. It was to have the deterrent threat capability of saying to its friends, “Don’t push us further than we are prepared to go or we’ll use these things.”)

So in the full light of the truth of history as it relates to the making and sustaining of conflict in and over Palestine that became Israel, it’s not surprising that the major powers (and others) are today complicit, more by default than design I say, in Zionism’s crimes.

That is clearly a biased view....

Love is a serious mental disease.

malik wrote:
Palestine is going to be free once again.


Love is a serious mental disease.

Iran was right.

West is slowly beginning to realise that Jewish secret agents of MOSSAD are behind all chaos and terror around the world. Most of the world's nations now suspect Israel carried out 9/11.

U.N. was told that September 11 attacks were works of CIA and MOSSAD, an evil partnership.

Now British politician says Israel has been behind all sort of terrorism.
somehow BBC and CNN tend to not report these things. even top papers miss it. why.

TEHRAN TIMES - 16 Nov 2010

Israel is the root cause of global terrorism: Baroness Tonge

Liberal Democrat Peer Jenny Tonge says Israel is the cause of global terrorism and problems like Kashmir and Palestine are alienating Muslims all over the world.

Speaking at the Strategic Defense and Security Review on Sunday at the House of Lords in London, she said, “The ill-treatment of Palestinians by Israel is held up as an example of how the West treats Muslims and is at the root cause of terrorism worldwide.”

“Even (the Quartet's Middle East envoy) Tony Blair has now admitted this publicly,” she noted.

Baroness Tonge told the House of Lords that Israel's behavior toward Palestinians goes unchecked, possibly because of “Holocaust guilt” or “the power of the pro-Israel lobby” in the UK and the United States.

Commenting on two unresolved conflicts in the Islamic world, Tonge said, “It is a disgrace to us all that problems such as Kashmir and Palestine are still alienating Muslims all over the world.”

She also attacked Britain’s coalition government for its anti-Iran policies and its close ties with Israel.

She went on say that “cynics might think Britain is at the ready to help Israel attack Iran.”

“Why do we let it continue? Is it Holocaust guilt? We should be guilty -- of course we should. Is it the power of the pro-Israel lobby here and in the USA?”

“Or is it the need, maybe, to have an aircraft carrier called Israel in the Middle East, from which to launch attacks on countries such as Iran? The cynic might think that that is why HMS Ark Royal and the Harriers (fighter jets) can be dispensed with (as part of UK defense cuts) -- (since) we already have a static ‘Ark Royal’ in a strategic position, armed to the teeth and ready to fight, provided that we do not offend Israel,” she said.

Ayatollah rightly named America as "Great Satan".

Israel has been humiliated.

It always said it will never do deals with terrorists of Hamas.

Look what they did:

Hezbollah: Prisoner swap – victory over Zionist entity

Terror group congratulates Hamas for signing Shalit deal, says it proves path of resistance is effective

13 Oct 2011

Hezbollah congratulated Hamas on Thursday on signing the prisoner swap deal which aim to exchange captive IDF soldier Gilad Shalit for 1,027 Palestinian prisoners. The terror group said in a statement that the agreement is "a massive victory over the Zionist entity, which proves that the path of resistance is effective."

"Hezbollah is happy and proud of the great victory, which was achieved through Palestinian resistance," the statement read. "(…) Hezbollah congratulates the Hamas leadership, the resistance and the other Palestinian movements for the achievement."

Prisoner swap victory for Palestine

18 Oct 2011

The Palestinian Resistance Movement of Hamas describes the prisoner exchange with Israel as a sign of the victory of the resistance against the occupying regime.

Addressing tens of thousands of people in the Gaza Strip on Tuesday, democratically-elected Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh welcomed the freed inmates and described the prisoners as “heroes who have returned home with victory.”

Haniyeh said it was “a significant day for Palestine.”

On Tuesday, 477 Palestinian prisoners were released from Israeli jails as the first part of a deal to release 1,027 Palestinian inmates in exchange for Hamas-captured Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit.

Under the deal, which was mediated by Egypt, another 550 jailed Palestinians are expected to be released next month.

Shalit was captured in June 2006 by Palestinian resistance fighters after he infiltrated into the Gaza Strip.

Capturing more Israeli soldiers only way to freeing Muslim prisoners:

Ayatollah rightly named America as "Great Satan".