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btw i got an exam in abt 2 hours so please make dua for me.....!!! :idea:

Shoulder by Shoulder, Feet to Feet

"Belhaj" wrote:

I had this argument with some brother yesterday at library

Regarding the length of your trousers? What was he saying?

well... all what he was accusing me of trying to change Islam and may be make "modernised".... he says that it has been mentioned in a hadith, so we should follow no matter what.....the prophet knows better and if he knew that the situation will change he wouldn’t of said it……

and to be honest I didn’t give that much attention… cause I hate it when someone tells me to do something…he/she isn’t doing!!!

Shoulder by Shoulder, Feet to Feet


after all the Rasool (saaw) did say "Dont preach what you Dont Practise"