Articles in Issue 15 of The Revival:

What's He Chattin' About?

Editorial: Thank God I'm A British Muslim!
By Sajid Iqbal Competition: Win 2 Tickets to Tunisia!

Adam & Eve In The Qur'an
By Imaani Aslam

Life Of An Outlaw - Exclusive Interview With Former Rapper Napoleon
By Ya'qub Bell & Imaani Aslam

The Revival Sky Dive!

Q & A
By Shaykh Salim Ghisa

Ali & Jamal
By Irfan Khan & Sajid Iqbal

The Revival Guide To The World Cup 2010
By Shmoun Maqsood

World Cup 2010: Fantasy Football - Muslim Style!
By Shmoun Maqsood

THE BIG DEBATE: Are They Gonna Kick us Out?
By Irfan Jalil & Naheem Zaffar

VOICE OF THE MUSLIM YOUTH: Mosques, Imams & The Youth

HEROES: Salahuddin Ayubi (RA)
By Irfan Jalil & Rafakat Khan

Me, My Sister & Anorexia
By Jannah As-Sabil

Guardian Angel – Chapter 3: Light & Shadows
By Adnaan Adrees