11.30PM - I am extremely exhausted after a long and enjoyable day of shopping with one of my sisters. I eat, pray and fall asleep.

1.00AM - I am in a deep sleep though I soon find out that the house phone rang. Yes, a phone call at crazy o'clock, can you believe it? Why would anyone ring at such a time? How inconsiderate!!

A few minutes after 1.00AM - I am woken up by the sister whom I share a bedroom with saying that my youngest sister's school sent an automated message saying that my sister has been caught on CCTV doing something she should've have and that she must report to the head mistress first thing in the morning with her pencilcase and that she risks being excluded. 

A few more minutes after 1.00AM - I am now sitting up, wide awake and worrying about the fate of my youngest sister. Deep down I was thinking that something like this serves-her-right for all the mischief she gets up to. We agree that we won't tell my youngest sister about the unexpected phone call lest she be worried all night and not fall asleep.

1.40AM - I go back to sleep.

7.45AM - My mother interrogates my sister about the phone call we received during the night and gives her a lecture (as mothers do) about her behaviour in school. She stares at my mother rather gobsmacked as to how the news may have reached my mother but keeps quiet.

4.15PM - My youngest sister returns from school and twice she ignores me when I ask her how her day was. Eventually she comes to visit my room and tells me that the school have suspended her till the end of the week. I ask her what exactly happened and after naming a few friends, she informs me that they broke a door in the science block by trying to block access and a series of pushing and pulling the door in the wrong direction. I couldn't believe what I was hearing and was dreading my dad's reaction when he finds out. I was just about to start the big-sister-lecture when...

4.30PM - She tells me that she entered school and dashed off to find her group of friends and felt like something suspicious had gone on. She eventually finds them and they tell her that they had used Google to type out a message and clicked the button which reads out the text and had then recorded it. Essentially, they would not have been able to pull it off in their squeaky teenage voices and needed that robotic voice for it to work. They had added a connecting-ringtone and merged it all together then rang our house phone at that ridiculous time and pressed play. 


And every single one of us, including my parents fell for it. 

It was quite funny.

And quite believable as her school is rather strict.

The bit about the door is partly true, partly untrue.

Just a tinchy crack in the door frame, as she says.

I'm tireeeeeed so this probably doesn't sound as funny as it was in reality.

I can't convey that humour tonight. Sorry.


Clever kids.

I wouldnt have expected a message from school after midnight though.

I bet she is gutted for getting caught due to a prank

"For too long, we have been a passively tolerant society, saying to our citizens 'as long as you obey the law, we will leave you alone'" - David Cameron, UK Prime Minister. 13 May 2015.