Learning arabic 1600% faster...

That's the claim from for learning classical arabic.

Apparently everyone else is teaching it wrong. It promises to get a lot covered in 21 days or something.

I decided to sign up to give it a try.

(Last time I tried a course on anything, I quit... and all I had to do was watch some videos!)

EDIT - Ive listened to the first video, and I think 4 others will be opened up over the next 4 days, but that will be a taster to encourage people to sign up to a paid for online course afterwards.

(The website is very marketing focussed... I hate marketing.)

As for the "unique style" that teaches "1600% faster", the first lesson is like classical dars-e-nizami style teaching. Maybe they do something else at Harvard etc, but this is the basic you would expect to see covered.

But that was just the first lesson, and the others may be a different mix, as he does suggest (more marketing?) that he uses the 80/20 principle, and then the 80/2- principle again to teach 4% that will cover 64% of the basics... (yes, sounds like more marketing).

Still, for those who want to learn arabic, it might be useful to have an online course from where they can learn and even the introductory lessons may be helpful to understand the theory.


It's free so nothing to lose I suppose. Thanks for sharing Smile

"How many people find fault in what they're reading and the fault is in their own understanding" Al Mutanabbi

I have seen a comment repeated in several books on the subject of the Arabic language by Muslim and non-Muslim authors. In order to reach high levels of understanding and speech of the Arabic language students must try to . Unfortunately, this is not the path of most students studying Arabic as a second language. Sarf first is the classic way to learn Arabic.