Wenger should manage the England football team.

You just want to get him away from Arsenlol don't you?

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I don't mind Arsenal, really, or Liverpool ftm or Spurs. Chelsea and City are altogether less dignified, chucking hundreds of millions at the prize, and the main reason I want to beat City ftw is to shut up the cynical fans, it isn't that I care as much as all that about football games.

I just think Wenger's the obvious choice nobody really mentions and he seems like an honest broker who gets on with things and knows exactly what would be good for the team. Most people seem to want Redknapp which is funny given his having been cleared of tax-dodging on fairly technical grounds while everyone viciously sticks it to the bankers for these bonuses, and considering he has one FA Cup and one Intertoto to his credit against a whole stack of honours for Arsene Wenger. Trouble with the FA is when it isn't romantically, nostalgically committed to the mediocre it appoints a complete mismatch with no experience of the English games. We can do better than mediocrity and lack of experience. We can put Wenger in charge, let Arsenal have Redknapp.

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Shutup anti-Arsenal poll!!!

(i voted no)

my 1st thought was.... Hiddink?

Don't just do something! Stand there.

I'm with Ya'qub on this, what were you thinking? This isn't up for debate, get it out your head cause Arsene's sticking with Arsenal!


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Some guy on Radio 4 said that Abu Qatada should be the next England manager, because we'd all know exactly where he is then and what he's doing. LOL!

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