[US] 6 year old child sued for crashing her bike into old woman when she was 4.


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ThE pOwEr Of SiLeNcE wrote:

WTF! Thats ridiculous and stupid!The things that happen Urg!

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I don't like the American-led practice of always seeking legal retribution but, who knows, you may just feel angry enough about something to seek retribution yourself someday. The system is all set up and ready for action.

Given that as a context, is it a senseless ruling? It might be complicated to sue the parents directly for negligence. If they were not keeping the kids close - and I don't pretend it's easy - perhaps a court hearing is right and proper. Perhaps the parents were plain belligerent up to this point. A lady suffered terrible injuries and died. A judgement hasn't been made. However one would hope the American system can provide support to the kid, who might never get over this. :?

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One sec.
Is the child boy or girl?
It says "...Sued for crashing her bike...", but "...when he was 4..."
(I don't like nit-picking, Sorry!)

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Yes, that is one cunfused child!

(I have now fixed the title.)

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