An eight-year-old Kashmiri went out to play. He came back home dead

A few days back I travelled to Batamaloo neighbourhood in Srinagar, the capital city of Indian-controlled Kashmir. Coils of barbed wire blocked the desolate roads; thousands of Indian soldiers patrolled the streets to enforce a strict military curfew. I couldn't reach the man I wanted to meet and finally managed to speak to him on the phone.

On 2 August Fayaz Rah, a 39-year-old fruit vendor from Batamaloo, had lunch with his wife and three children. Outside, Indian troops enforced the curfew. Yet the children would find a clearing or a courtyard to play cricket or imitate the adults and raise a slogan for Kashmir's independence from India. His youngest son, eight-year-old Sameer, took two rupees for pocket money from his father and stepped out to join his friends near his uncle's house.

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Omg, WHY DO THEY DO THAT?!"?!$?$&>($!?"
God, he's a child!
Omg, 8 years old? Imaagine what the parents must be feeling. No, actually, don't want to even imagine that!
See, these disputes over land! what it leads to.
omg, 8 years old! Imagine the parents.....

Thank you for putting that on!

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