Muslim MPs and Politicians

Right we all know that Muslims desperately need more Muslim MPs, in Parliament or on the Assemblies. We have 4 Muslim MPs: Shahid Malik (Dewsbury) , Sadiq Khan (Tooting), Muhammad Sarwar (Glasgow Govan) and Khalid Mahmood (Birmingham Perry Barr). Do you think they've done a good enough job? What've they done right? What do they need a spank over?
Do you know any Muslim councillors, AMs, MSPs, MEPs etc? Have they done a good job?
At the next election who do you hope to become MPs? Any Muslims?
Feel free to talk about anything to do with Muslims and Politics here.

The only decent Muslim MP is Sadiq Khan from Tooting.

The rest are just chamchay.

Khalid Mahmood has always voted for anti-Islamic policies. Shahid Malik and Muhammad Sarwar are not as bad as idiot Khalid Mahmood, but they are not much better either

These Muslim MPs are just as corrupt and power-hungry as the ones in Pakistan. Not an ounce of honesty, humanity or decency in them.

And don't even get me started on the local councillors and the postal vote fraud that takes place in every Pakistani community!!!

Well, they've all voted in favour of draconian laws. All except Sadiq Khan voted for 90 days. They all voted for draconian anti-terror laws including INDIRECTLY and UNINTENTIONALLY encouraging terrorism!
I would definately say Khalid Mahmood is probably the worst. When the Archbishop made his comments about Sharia, he was the first to say "No we either have full Sharia or no Sharia at all,"
Question: why not? He obviously jumped the gun. Do you know any councillors or AMs, MEPs or MSPs that are Muslim. What about good Mulim politicians, like Salma Yaqoob?
What good stuff have these Muslim MPs done for us, if any?

Chin up, mate! Life's too short.

Yeah, I know, but he's probably the least puppet like out of them all. Followed by Shahid Malik.

Chin up, mate! Life's too short.