The Media are frothing at their mouths attacking Jeremy Corbyn

Media Hysteria over Corbyn

Media Hysteria over Corbyn
Media Hysteria over Corbyn

and unfortunately it is likely to do the job.

Last week a major story all over the press was how Corbyn had driven over a BBC cameraman’s foot. They didn’t focus on the fact  that it was a police car being driven by a policeman. It was all about Corbyn.

The week before when Simon Danzuk resigned from Labour after the party decided not to let him stand on the Labour platform due to him using a position of power when trying to solicit a 17 year old girl, it was apparently troubl for Corbyn.

Before (and since) then it is troublesome that the potential leader of the UK doesnt like the idea of nuking hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians to death.

It is also a problem that he tried to assit in ending the troubles in Northern Ireland but not an issue when the Current Defence Secretary parties with Assad.

Now Corbyn is not perfect and I disagree with his stance on Syria etc, but the so called mainstreat media seem to be barking mad and looking for any excuse. The sad thing is no matter how ludicrous, the smear campaign is working.