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Culture and Civilisation

The man whose blog that I follow, decided to spend two, months are so in Goa, to escape the worse of the winter weather. Commented on the country and how things were, several replies to his blog one of which I publish.


Interesting JW. It is good to travel and look an different cultures. It is also good in some case to have a ticket home when you want to leave, but if you have to live their permanent things might not be such a bed of roses.

As you say we can learn a lot, and are doing so from India.

What is civilisation and culture?

Civilisation is what the majority accept and rules their lives. Appears when a culture is near its peak. Reason being;

Vote Labour, Same Politics just rebranded.

Jeremy Corbyn at rally on 6 June 2017 - with Rainbow

The Rising of Britain’s ‘New Politics’ by J Pilger.

A decent article on New, new Labour, Here is the link

Well worth a read, remembering the rules.

1] This form of Politics is not just practiced by UK Politicians.

2] As i have said before the first rule in politics is gain power [anyhow] The second rule stay in power [anyhow] again not unique to the UK. [or even politics]

3] Lastly, watch what your leaders do, not what they say. [both political and religious]

The Media are frothing at their mouths attacking Jeremy Corbyn

Media Hysteria over Corbyn

and unfortunately it is likely to do the job.

Last week a major story all over the press was how Corbyn had driven over a BBC cameraman’s foot. They didn’t focus on the fact  that it was a police car being driven by a policeman. It was all about Corbyn.

The week before when Simon Danzuk resigned from Labour after the party decided not to let him stand on the Labour platform due to him using a position of power when trying to solicit a 17 year old girl, it was apparently troubl for Corbyn.

Before (and since) then it is troublesome that the potential leader of the UK doesnt like the idea of nuking hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians to death.