The Killing$ of Tony Blair is now on Netflix

Poster: The Killing$ of Tony Blair

Poster: The Killing$ of Tony Blair
Poster: The Killing$ of Tony Blair

Go watch it.

If you have netflix it ont cost you a penny and you will be supporting an independent documentary.

For those of you paying attention at the time, not much of what happened will come as a surprise (though the money Tony Blair Inc has made since leaving office might be a surprise to some), but there are many younger viewers who may not have as clear a recollection or awareness of events that happened at the time.

PS everyone at the time knew that the intel was a farce. No one believed it. If anyone says they thought otherwise, they are lying.

For instance when May talked about making strong decisions and the need to Defend the UK and was confronted with her support of the Iraq war, she said she made her decision based on the information she had at the time.

No one at the time thought that joining the war was anything other than either deciept or showing subservience and loyalty to the US (hence loads of caricatures at the time comparing Blair to a poodle).