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Ramadhan is coming

Salaams All, this is my latest poem written last year and slightly edited, please forward widely inshAllah.

Ramadhan is coming

It’s only a few dayss away
I can’t wait
In anticipation
The coming of the new moon
And the best month of the year

I hope I’m alive
Although I’m young
There’s no guarantee
That I’ll be here next month

Been waiting
And silently praying
For a chance
To experience
Another Ramadhan

Last year I tried
To improve and change
Leave the bad habits
The drinking, womanising
Drugs and clubbing

Managed it for 30 days
But on Eid I went to a rave
I gave in, wasn’t brave
Went with the flow
And got totally smashed

Its true after Ramadhan Satan is unleashed

Since then it’s been downhill
Month after month

Summer in your Hijab

Summer in your Hijab

You think you dress modest
But do you really?
Far from Islam
If you’re honest

The sun is out
And clothes are discarded
Satan on holiday
Most people astray

Even the person with shorts
And woman with a bikini
Is regarded as modest nowadays

So you compare to them
Kaffirs without shame
Dignity or honour
And say you dress Islamic
But the reality is tragic

I suppose you try your best
To avoid the seduction of kufr
And so you compromise
And go halfway
Not fully Islamic
Or jahil
But somewhere in between
You’re not a hypocrite
But you’re easily misled

Fashion is like a god
Seducing and influencing
Those with weak thoughts
Making them a victim

People stare
But most don’t care
They love the attention
Hijab with tight clothing

Dedicated to the Muslim detainees everywhere

[b]Dedicated to the Muslim detainees everywhere

It’s another day
No different to yesterday
Locked up for twenty three hours
On my own

Away from humanity
Trying to drive me to insanity
All by myself
Like a Quran on a forgotten shelf

I refuse to be beaten
Mentally or psychologically
The games they play
While I’m in solitary
Messing with my head
And hope that I would go mad

They fear me
Even though I am locked up
Am I cannibal?
Like Hannibal?
Who needs to be kept away from others

It’s my mind and ideas that they fear
As they stay clear
Refuse to talk