How interesting! (or probably expected)



This is what my friend was talking about yesterday lol. Guess your appearance and what you wear makes a difference to how likeable you are in some people's eyes. Guys - what they like?!


Due to flirting context, I think its less interesting.

If a random stranger of the other gender randomly approaches you, tries to converse and offers a drink, its natural to assume she is interested in you.

So that has an impact.

Also the second one was more subtle and asked for help compared to the first who first tried to bluff by faking a person and then more or less asked if he wanted to spend some time with her.

The guy was just a rabbit stuck in headlamps.

(I am not saying there wouldn't be bias, but this experiment based on a single point of evidence is deeply flawed.)



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People are always judged by the way they dress. No surprises there. Its like whenever I walk into court, coz im suited and booted i dont get the usual pat down and search. But everyone else does. 'The suit makes the man' Smile

Im assuming flirting was supposed to be part of it. The first one was too cheesey, she may as well have asked if his dad was a theif. The second one was a lot smoother Wink

Back in BLACK

"this thing on her head"? where was this filmed? this guy doesn't know what a scarf if?

Is it true? Is it kind? Is it necessary?

Looking To See wrote:
"this thing on her head"? where was this filmed? this guy doesn't know what a scarf if?

May be he just doesn't know what it's called, or he's just being offensive.

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