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Death of the Easter Bunny

Fear is such a powerful thing that it can cement every detail of any event into a childs brain.

But first a little back story. I was born in a home where my mum was Christen and my dad was a Muslim. So unlike everyone else i didnt have a normal up bringing, I had an AWESOME ONE!! I got the best of both worlds, Christmas, Easter & Eid!! Which to a child meant more and more and more presents, chocolates and cake (i trust you remember how that turned out).

I'll Cry if I Want To

Hollywood would have us believe that crying is theraputic. And to a certain extent I agree. But its like Freud said, sometimes a tear is just a tear. And sometimes there maybe a thought behind it worth looking at. Either way have tissues ready.

Flashback to ten years ago when I was desparately trying to get my Dad to understand why I was upset with him. What I remember to this day is that moment when Dad told me to 'Stop Crying' which upset me even more and i remember saying something like "I cry, thats what i do. So just listen to what im saying." And low and behold he listened.

What i learnt from that particular experience was

Mums & The Cake Factor (part 2)

Mum quickly tired of having to keep it out of my reach. So she tried to hide the cake, but I always found it. I mean comeon, im an eight year old, i know where all the hiding places are! So she tried putting the cake on top of the frige, but my freakish climbing abilities soon proved it to be an unsatisfactory solution.



Mums & The Cake Factor (part 1)

I reeeeealllly love my mum. And i have soooo much respect for her when I think about how much of a NIGHTMARE i was when i was little. The one incident that comes to mind is my big sisters birthday. She'd just turned 19 and my mum had baked her a GORGEOUS cake with thick pink icing which was slathered ontop and a cute horse made out of marshmallows and toothpicks ontop! To an eight year old, it was a thing of wonder... half toy and half cake!!! Ooooooooh the glorious possibilities!!!! Biggrin


Me v The Ghost!

So I was bored over the weekend, having cleaned my room, helped my mum with the shopping and my sister was out visiting some relatives. And I needed to kill sometime till they got back. So the evening went a lil something like this...





Scary Films and Me!

I was alone at home the other night when i randomly decided to watch a horror film, even though I hadnt watched a horror film in years. For some reason i thought it would be a good idea, on reflection past experience should have taught me otherwise :/ Bcoz after watching a horror film nothing is ever okay...

But on that night, for no particular reason, I felt like I could handle it. And it went a lil something like this.




10 Things I Like About Me.

Just to balance things out in the universe. Please state 10 things you like about you.

10. I like how sometimes I imagine my consciounce to be a real person who looks at me disapprovingly when i do something bad and smiles when i do good.

9. I like how im both perfectly comfortable sitting in silence with people and just as comfortable when everyones nattering.

8. I like how i can be both shy and loud at the same time.

7. I like how I always worry about my brothers and sisters and friends.

6. I like how I always push myself to be the best I can be.

5. I like how ive managed to match up my scarfs and handbags.

4. I like how i keep a secret diary which only i can read.