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Why hide? Why hide at all.

I see you Mother, I see your face
I see the pain Mother, I see your eyes
I see the grief Mother...
Your words tell all, the slight tremble
That sit upon your lips
Your gaze, a mirror to your soul
Ravaged, in tatters
A keening cry
You sit with a soulless look
You smile, you lie to me
You lie to us all
Where is the pain Mother?
Why hide it, why hide at all
Underneath the shroud of strength
Bitter turmoil
I don’t need your smiles Mother, I want to see pain
I don’t need your consolation
I don’t want your words
I want your pain
That I may share with you
Why hide Mother?
Why hide at all...

Compulsion for the Unknown

A desire for insanity compels to me
Whispering promises of bliss
A yearning of longing wells within
And I falter
I wish, I pray
The unknown to become the known
I shall fly on the wings of madness
I shall be obliged to hold hands with death
I shall laugh in merriment
Barefoot, bare soul
I shall drop
In to the abyss of nothingness
I shall be free of the forced compulsion
Excused of the horror of obligations
And I shall know no more.
Yet I am too weak to embrace the loving touch
Of Freedom
From my sorrows.

In Memorial of You..

This poem is written in the memorial of my father, who embraced my love of writing and encouraged me to go further, who passed away recently from lung cancer - 2nd May 2011.

Taught me
To smile, to laugh, to rejoice
Taught me
The meaning of life, the way of life, to be the best in life
I loved
Who loved me back
I stumbled I fell
Insistently picked up, I was
Questions asked
Questions answered
No frown marred that beautiful face of yours
The day came, where they whispered
How you would perish
We fought
We cried, bitter tears
Hope was renewed
Time and time again
You grieved, we grieved
Different reasons
The pain you were in, did we mourn
The pain we were in, did you mourn
Role reversal and we scolded
Ashamed, not I