The Arrivals: The sooner they depart the better

Irfan Jalil

We love a good argument. We can debate the correct length of a beard with the best of them. We can rip into each other over whether Muslims are allowed to vote. We will accuse fellow Muslims of committing shirk and bid'ah and being kafir. We can tear ourselves apart over whether it's OK to celebrate Milad. Argument is keeping us in a perpetual fight with each other.

But nothing unites Muslims like a good conspiracy theory. The crazier the better. At the first mention of Freemasons we'll put aside differences in aqidah. We'll forget about haazir or naazir at the first hint of a subliminal message. As long as something is thrown in about how this was all foretold in the Quran and Hadith, we'll hear you out.

Defending The Deen - How should Muslims respond when Islam or the Prophet (saw) is insulted?

Defending the Deen

Defending the Deen
Defending the Deen - How should Muslims respond when Islam or the Prophet (saw) is insulted?
Sajid Iqbal

How should Muslims respond when Islam or the Prophet Sallallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam (Peace and Blessings be upon him) is insulted?

After the infamous Danish cartoons to the Teddy named Mohammed incident and now to the recent ‘Draw Muhammed Day’ on Facebook, Muslims seem to only react with anger and rage. But how should Muslims react? Should such insults be ignored or challenged and if so, how?

How did the Prophet (pbuh) and companions react to insult and verbal attacks? And what lessons can we learn from our great Islamic history when the name or image of Islam was attacked?

In order to get answers to the above questions, The Revival, met up with three leading Muslim Personalities.

Issue 16 - Emails To The Editor

Assalamu Alaykum,
I voluntarily run a girls youth club Northwest London and was wondering whether you could send me hard copies of your magazine on a regular basis - would it be possible to be sent all past issues too? I think the magazine is brilliant and really hits the nail on the head with key issues. Also, how do I get my youth involved with your magazine? I look forward to hearing from you.
Mrs Kosser Sheikh, London


Gaza - The Unfinished Story

Sa'ad Ajmal

If there is one problem that unites the Muslim world in its sympathy it is the Palestinian issue. Forget the republics trying to break away from Russia and the Uighurs of China. They can be ignored just like the Kurds in Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria and the Palestinians who reside still as refugees in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Egypt.

Forget the many African conflicts such as Darfur, southern Sudan or Somalia. The one problem that will unite Muslims all across the world is the one of Israel and the Palestinians.

Mosques, Imams & The Youth

The Revival has been asking Muslims across the UK about their views on Mosques and Imams…

Name: Muhammad Ayas
Age: 19
Location: Kettering

I think there’s a lot of guidance out there for us, but it’s a matter of someone leading by example.

Yeah, sure you have the Alims who have studied for all these years and are an example to the rest of us, but come on, how much do they really relate to us and the issues and problems we face in a western society?

We need role models who have achieved their best in this world without neglecting their Deen and who have been through the ups and downs of life - who can relate to us. Most of the Imams are from back home so they lead the Salaah and that’s about it

Issue 15: What's He Chattin' About?

There are many words we read and hear but aren’t too sure what they mean. The Revival attempts to define some Islamic terms used, or associated with articles, in this issue:

Iblis – the personal name of the Devil. He is also called Shaytan or “the enemy of Allah”.

Jummah – the day of gathering, Friday, and particularly the Jummah prayer which is performed instead of Zuhr by those who attend it. Friday only acquired this name with the coming of Islam, before that it was known as al-Aruba.

Kafir – a person who rejects Allah and His Messenger (pbuh).The plural is Kafirun of Kufaar.

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Guardian Angel - Chapter 3: Light and Shadows

Adnan Adrees & Dawud Qadri

Fifteen years ago a gateway to hell was opened and a plague of evil spread across the land. London was in complete darkness for days and in that time the hordes of hell infiltrated every level of government. Afterwards there was chaos. Against such opposition the Prime Minister became over-whelmed; people were being slaughtered, cities were in flames and in his panic he resigned. A new Prime Minister was elected: Prime Minister Ruban Gadriel and then the world changed forever.

Me, My Sister & Anorexia


Sad Face - Depression
Sad Face - Depression
Jannah As-Sabil

“I don’t know why you have to be immature about it.” I put my foot in it again. Opened my big mouth.

“Don’t you dare call me immature, you don’t understand it’s hard for me.” My sister erupts into a flood of tears and walks out of the room. I sit contemplating.

Anyone else would have probably shrugged off the comment or started a slanging match. Even if they felt angry, crying would probably not have been their first reaction. “Alhamdulillah,” I murmur under my breath. Accidentally throwing away the salt of my sister, a depressive anorexic sufferer, and consequently making such a comment was not the best idea, especially as it involved food.

Salahuddin Ayubi (r.a.)

Rafakat Khan

When Islam faced a massive attack from Crusader Europe, one man united the Muslims and led them to victory over the enemy. Salahuddin Ayubi rescued Jerusalem from the Crusaders and fought off one of the most menacing enemies that Muslims have ever faced.


Jerusalem was important to the Muslims because it contained the Dome of Rock, where Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) ascended to heaven, and the Masjid al Aqsa. Christians also valued Jerusalem as it contained the church of Jesus’ tomb.

In 1095 the Pope urged the Christians to unite and take Jerusalem. Four years later, Christian forces captured Jerusalem and slaughtered Muslims in the process.