What’s He Chattin’ About?


Aalim: An Islamic scholar  

Allahu Akbar: This means God is Greater and is known as Takbir

Da'wah: An invitation usually to Islam or towards any good

Fatwa: An Islamic ruling based on evidences from the sources of Islam for a specific situation. They are usually issued by a Mufti only

Fitnah: In the Quran it is used to describe the trials and temptations that may face the believers. Now, it is used to describe the forces that cause mischief, chaos and scandal within the Muslim community, disturbing social peace and order

Hajjis: A title given to a Muslims who have completed the pilgrimage to Makkah

Hijab: Generally, it is the head covering worn by females and also a practice of covering including dress as well as behaviour for both males and females

Iddat: A period of waiting by a woman, after the death of her husband (four months and ten days) or divorce (three months), during which she may not marry another man and hence must abstain from sexual intercourse

Jahannam: Hell

Jannah: Paradise

Jihad: Means to struggle in the way of Allah, there are many different types

Madrasah: An educational institution which many children attend to learn Islam

Mahram: Is a person with whom marriage is unlawful. For a female they include her father, grandfather, sons, grandsons, fathers’ brothers, mothers’ brothers, brothers, nephews and do not include her cousins and brother-in-laws

Nasheed: Are chants and Islamic vocal music used for the praise of Allah Almighty and Prophet Muhammad (S)

Sunnah: The sayings, actions and approvals of the prophet Muhammad (S)

Taif: An area which the prophet Muhammad (S) went to, to invite its people to Islam and convey the message. It is 60-70 miles from Makkah and lies at high elevation

Taraweeh: Special evening prayers which are only read during the month of Ramadhan during which usually long portions of the Quran are recited

Ummah: The entire Muslim community after the final message had been revealed

Wali: A guardian who acts on behalf of another

Zina: Fornication, sexual intercourse between a man and woman who are not married to each other. It is a major sin in Islam


the jihad definition should've been more clearer - mentioning the two specific types.

"How many people find fault in what they're reading and the fault is in their own understanding" Al Mutanabbi