What your MP can do for you

Inside the House of Commons

Inside the House of Commons
Inside the House of Commons
Irfan Jalil

There are 646 MPs. Each of them represents about 70,000 people. But if you thought all you had to do for your MP was go and vote once every four or five years, you were wrong. It turns out you're having to fork out for MPs' electricity and water bills, digital TV subscriptions, new kitchens and much more (just flick through a John Lewis catalogue).

Iranian Presidential polls 2013

I think today is election day.

The last president, Ahmedinejad has reached his term limit and cannot run again. Which the Ayatollahs are probably glad about as he had been openly in defiance to them in the recent past.

Most candidates that may disagree with the ayatollah have been removed from the running, including former president Rafsanjani and others including Ahmedinejad's preferred successor.

It will be interesting to see what happens.

How postal vote fraud let Nick Griffin into Europe

About a week before every local election my councillor, a Pakistani, goes round to several houses in the area to collect people's postal votes. He sits in the front room as the man of the house gathers the purple and white postal vote envelopes of every registered voter in his family. The councillor then tells the man of the house where to sign for himself and the rest of the family. Once the signatures have been done, the councillor takes the envelopes, ballot papers and all, with him.

All postal votes gathered in this way come from Pakistani families. Many of whom would most likely have voted for him anyway. But to save these loyal and trusted voters from the hassle of taking two minutes out of their day to go and vote at a polling station the councillor has persuaded them all to apply for postal votes – votes which can be submitted a week before polling day.

In this way, he manages to secure a landslide victory for himself and his party colleagues well before the polls even open. I would hazard a conservative guess and say that he manages to bag over one thousand votes in this way.

Why Vote, and Who To Vote For?

Haitham Al-Haddad

With the Name of Allah, and in Him we seek assistance, and the praise is due to Allah, Lord of the Worlds. I testify that there is no deity worthy of worship besides Allah alone, without any associate, and there is nothing comparable to Him. And I testify that Muhammad is His servant and final Messenger.

In the current climate, many brothers and sisters in Britain have become preoccupied with the issue of the coming elections and debating the question of whether Muslims are allowed to vote and which party is most deserving of our vote. In reply, I would like to present the following clarification and advice.