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Kensington Garden Winter Walk for Gaza

Muslim Hands Winter Walk is Back and taking place on Saturday 5th December 2009!

This year, set in the beautiful Kensington Gardens, in the heart of historic London, we invite you to wrap up warm, bring your family and friends and raise money in our 10 km sponsored walk. We’ll also be joined by Moazzam Begg, who will be supporting the cause and showing that we have not forgotten the continuing plight of victims suffering since the bombing. “Children in Gaza are growing up surrounded by broken buildings and a childhood full of difficult memories of losing parents and loved ones... the Winter Walk is a chance to show that we care for Gaza’s future as much as its past,” he describes.

Be a Muslim for life - Not just 30 days

Alveena Salim

Once again it’s that special time of year again. The month of mercy and forgiveness. The month in which your dua’s get accepted and sins get forgiven. The month in which there’s a buzz in the air and everyone feels good. The month in which the religious people who lived before spent six whole months anticipating.

The month in which the dust comes of your copy of the Qur’an and the Mosques start to get packed out. The month in which tasty samosa’s and pakora’s are served daily at Iftar time, and the month in which millions of people all over the world strengthen and revive their relationship with Allah. Yep you guessed it- Ramadan’s Back!!!