We need to start discussing and learning about Jihad

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Over the past few years I think the mainstream Muslim community has started to shy away about discussing Jihad.

I am not talking about the struggle against your own soul, but war.

Islam has pragmatism and it understands that pacifism is not always the right answer. The revelation of the verses relating to Jihad were not easy and occurred after the Muslims had been oppressed severely for a long period of time.

As terrorism has become more prevalent, more and more people seem to shy away from discussing the topic, hoping to not ruffle any feathers, to not be misquoted and not be harrassed by any extremism government policies.


MPs in the Netherlands have voted overwhelmingly in favour of a ban on wearing face-covering Islamic veils in some public places, including schools, hospitals, government buildings and on public transport.

The rule – which will outlaw all face coverings including ski-masks and helmets – was approved by 132 members of the 150-seat house. UKIP leader Paul Nuttall says UK should ban Burqa. Dutch lawmakers debate partial ban of burqas and Niqabs. Norway sets out plans for banning Burqa.

Shaking Hands

Shaking Hands


Muslim schoolboys who refused to shake hands with their female teacher will face a steep fine. This is the latest turn in a controversial matter that started last April in a Swiss school, when two Muslim boys refused to shake hands with their (female) teacher, because that would go against the Koran’s teachings. The boys argued that Islam forbids men to have physical contact with a woman outside of the family unit. But this explanation did not convince the authorities in the canton of Basel, who interpreted the boys’ actions as a severe form of contempt and discrimination against women. They will face a fine of up to 5,000 Swiss francs (€4,500) if they violate what is a traditional gesture of politeness in the Swiss classroom.


Independent Islamic schools in Birmingham top GCSE pile

New figures released ahead of this year's results show that three Muslim schools in the city were among Birmingham's top 20

Independent Islamic schools in Birmingham are proving to be cream of the crop when it comes to GCSE results, new figures have revealed.

As teenagers across Birmingham are due to receive their GCSE results on Thursday, latest Department for Education statistics show that three Muslim schools in the city featured among the top 20 results last summer.

Segregation of Sexes

A recent statement by Channel 4’s Jon Snow sparked a large conversation in the media, where he revealed in an interview about meeting new female colleagues, “Sex comes into every evaluation of a woman, there’s no doubt about it.”[1]  This revelation makes it even more difficult to understand the disgust that he displayed only weeks ago over the provision of separate seating for men and women in university Islamic Society events.[2]  Hypocrisy aside, he has indeed highlighted why any real man—in touch with his natural disposition—would not want other men looking at his wife or close female relatives—regardless of his religion.

Jihadi John

When a native Brit goes to Middle East, he is called a voluntary fighter. When a Muslim goes there he is called a terrorist. Double standard by the British society. Also lot of British Jews went to Israel to fight but on their return no action was taken against them. 


The problem of extremism we are experiencing is not "mass immigration", immigration has been happening since the dawn of mankind. The problem we are experiencing is a direct result of lack of respect and tolerance substituted by ignorance. The problem we are experiencing is the direct result of poor consciousness and awareness of selective "information" being conveyed to us through various mainstream media sources.