Who are your Friends? Who are your Enemies?

Who are your Friends? Who are your Enemies?

Tough question, but do I know the answer? No, but I believe that I can give a few pointers, leaving the rest up to you.

We [or the world] as been going through some trying times. What with the Arab spring, starting with the Tunisia, then Egypt with the election of the Muslim Brotherhood, and its rise and fall?

Revival users - Please can you help me? (advice)

Asalaamualaikum, hope your all well & havin a blessed Ramadhan.

I am curently raising money for charity and needed some ADVICE OPINIONS, im sure someone can help?

1)Wat makes u give £ to charity
(wat words dig deep in you heart, then make you dig deep in ur pocket)?
2)Wat fundraising ideas/activities methods hav worked for u in the past?
3)Any other tips, advice, suggestions welcomed

(by the way charity is Orphan Care Home in Pakistan)

i would really appreciate your ideas, views, suggestions
amd look forward to hearing from you.
Thank you.