Six Injured In Dale Farm Eviction Violence

Police say they are now in control of an illegal traveller site in Essex - after six protesters were injured during the eviction of residents.

We are now in control and have a peaceful situation and want to bring this to a close," Essex Police Supt Trevor Roe said.

Police came under attack after they entered through the side and rear of the sprawling site at 7am on Wednesday.

"No officers were injured, there is calm on the site and officers will continue to assist Basildon Council

Two protesters were Tasered by police and three have so far been arrested during the eviction process.

Supt Roe said police believe most violence from people on the site came from activists rather than travellers living at Dale Farm.

Condemning murder

Murder is wrong. We all know that, right? So it's easy to say that it should be condemned.

We can take that one step further, when there is a murder, organisations and people should get out there and let people know they will not stand for such things. They should issue a condemnation, right?

And then when there is another murder the next day they should do the same again. The day after that too, inevitably there will be another murder. There may even be multiple murders in a day! (the world is a big place)

However this gets tiring - even for those simply reading the condemnations on a clock-like basis- and then just updating a press release on a daily basis would be crass and ignored by everyone as well, it is issues only so often.