Trust in Allah

Subhanallah! Yesterday was a day i never planned for but Allah had planned for me years before i was born.

Started off like any other day, i was waiting for zuhr salat when my mum informed there's gonna be a janazah at one of my local masjids (not the one i usually attend). I thought, not many will be able to attend due to the daytime where most people are working etc. so i thought i must go and took my brother along with me.

Allah (swt) is the best of Planners...

But does that mean we should not make plans? Or should we make them knowing they will not always go our way?

Or is that just trying to force the issue?

And how do you know whether your plans are really for the best?

Or is it like the fable (hadith?) that trusting in Allah (swt) is not like leaving your camel untied, but by tieing it and then trusting in Allah (swt)?