Ramadan Returns 2009 with Imam Khalid Hussain & Shaykh Ramadan Qadri

Muslim Youth League & Farghana Institute present…

Ramadan Returns 2009 Spiritual Retreats with Imam Khalid Hussain and Shaykh Ramadan Qadri

Retreat 1: Sat 29th & Sun 30th August 2009 (Sat 7pm - Sun 7pm)
Theme: An Evening of Remembrance & Reflection
Speakers: Shaykh M. Ramadan Qadri (Principal, Farghana Institute)
Performers: Qadri Boudshishi Munshideen

Retreat 2: Sat 12th & 13th September 2009 (Sat 7pm - Sun 7pm)
Topic: Seerat-ur-Rasool (p.b.u.h.): The Model of Integration
Speakers: Imam Khalid Hussain (Leicester) & Shaykh M. Ramadan Qadri

Non Residential: Free Admission
Residential: £10 (Iftari & Sehri Included)

Advertorial: Prayer and Spirituality (Hypnotic trance)

By Oldham Community Health Services

“Trance” is the name given to any state of mind in which a person has a narrow focus of attention. Typically, in the trance state, the subject is very relaxed, has a quiet mind and is aware of what is going on. In the state of trance (altered state of conscious awareness), the subject is provided with powerful hypnotic suggestions which act as a healing therapy for the individual. Contrary to common belief, there is nothing stopping the person from being able to reject any suggestion or awaken at any time -- unless the subject believes otherwise.