Islamic Channel Noor TV fined £75,000 for charging viewers for prayers

Noor TV has been fined a hefty £75,000 after it broadcast a show allowing viewers to donate money to the channel in return for prayers for themselves or for their relatives.

A complainant was concerned that a programme exploited the audience by encouraging viewers to donate money to Noor TV in return for the channel arranging special prayers inside Prophet Muhammad's mosque in Medina. The complainant noted that many of the callers who donated money asked for prayers to be made to assist with their medical, financial and personal problems.


hi Guys

does anyone know of any up and coming talented artists?
I'm doing a feature about Art and artists from a Muslim background
Not necessarily ISLAMIC art per se, but all kinds, but predominantly, I want artists from a Muslim background - they don't have to be practicing as such but of that background.


Explanation of Surah Ahqaf

“Our people, respond to the one who calls you to Allah. Believe in Him: He will forgive you your sins and protect you from a painful torment”
[Al Ahqaaf: 31]

Al Ahqaaf is the 46th chapter of the Qur’an, a Makkan surah revealed around the 10th year of Prophethood, during the Prophet’s (peace be upon him) return from his infamous journey to Ta’if, where he was rejected and abused by the people. It is in the context of the ‘year of sorrow’ where he (upon him be peace) was going through great personal difficulty that this surah was revealed by Allah, as a reassurance to him and the believers, and a warning to those who reject the message.

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Government names most influential 'pro-Islamic' bloggers

Counter-terrorism research reveals network of pro-Islamic bloggers is smaller and less cohesive than anti-jihadist community


The Home Office's counter-terrorism communications unit has named its top 20 most influential "pro-Islamic" political bloggers.

The list forms part of a mapping exercise carried out on behalf of the Home Office to estimate and track the scale and influence of Islamic bloggers in Britain.

The results of the exercise, which was carried out in 2008 but only published today, show that a network of Islamic bloggers who post on British politics does exist but is still relatively small and draws its information overwhelmingly from mainstream media, mainly the Guardian and the BBC.

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