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In search of genuine intelligence

There was an article proposing thought provoking articles which may or may not create interest. here is an article [in full] of one of my favourite Bloggers


We live on a planet where spoken language sets us apart from other species, and the possibilities for perversion of that skill are infinite. That is a dangerous world in which it is the duty of all responsibly intelligent humans to highlight and condemn the counterfeit currency of propaganda in all its forms. Before it leaps headlong into the anarchic creation of Artificial Intelligence, Homo sapiens needs a far more discerning definition of what useful intelligence is….and how to encourage it.


Do we need scholars?

Something I read from another forum:

Another flaw of Islam. You seem to need a couple of PhDs from an Islamic university in Saudi Arabia and the title of 'scholar' to make any informed decision on anything. Otherwise, continue to follow the crowd and be a sheep and follow everything some sheikh thousands of miles away with no grip on reality says.

It's especially ironic from a religion that claims to be for all mankind. LOL. You mean, it's only for the educated scholars who have the 'authority' to interpret stuff. Everyone else should keep their mouths shut and obey sheikh.

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