Who in History would you like to meet?

I was going to create this topic about the companions of the prophet sallAllahu'alaihiwassalaam. 

who from the companions would you really like to meet in Jannah inshaaAllah?

I really want to meet Ibn 'Umar and Anas ibn Malik. mainly because they were "youth" during the time of the prophet sallAllahu'alaihiwassalam and I read all these hadith reported by them as well. I would just love to get to know them and meet them!

this topic can also be used to talk about anybody else in History you'd like to meet. but thing is, with the sahabas radhiyAllahu'anhum, if we work hard enough, inshaaaAllah we WILL be able to meet them.

(i wrote all this yesterday but forgot to create the topic)

Which statement best sums up your feelings about friendship?

Strangers are just friends you haven't met yet, give a little love and it all comes back to you.
21% (51 votes)
I only fully give my all to my Muslim brothers/sisters; while I am polite to others, I wouldn't take them as a close ally.
20% (49 votes)
I mainly have non-Muslim friends, and find some Muslims can be a bit judgmental and don't seem to wanna have fun.
7% (17 votes)
My cats are my only friends.
7% (17 votes)
My most genuine human interactions are with people over the internet.
4% (10 votes)
I find it hard making friends but when people give me the time I reward them with everything I can.
12% (28 votes)
I find it hard keeping track with the people contacting me saying that they know me, I should really do a 'friend cull'
2% (4 votes)
Friends are just a reflection of all the different aspects of my personality, whether they are good or bad
27% (65 votes)
Total votes: 241