Archbishop Justin addresses Muslim Council of Wales

We can disagree,we can hate,We can die & kill for our beliefs but only by talking can we strive to heal those disagreements,gain trust in those we hate & stop the dying & killing to practise what ever you believe in reality peace

Archbishop Justin addresses Muslim Council of Wales

Friday 2nd October 2015

For the full transcript of his talk. [the link is below]

Which statement best sums up your feelings about friendship?

Strangers are just friends you haven't met yet, give a little love and it all comes back to you.
21% (51 votes)
I only fully give my all to my Muslim brothers/sisters; while I am polite to others, I wouldn't take them as a close ally.
20% (49 votes)
I mainly have non-Muslim friends, and find some Muslims can be a bit judgmental and don't seem to wanna have fun.
7% (17 votes)
My cats are my only friends.
7% (17 votes)
My most genuine human interactions are with people over the internet.
4% (10 votes)
I find it hard making friends but when people give me the time I reward them with everything I can.
12% (28 votes)
I find it hard keeping track with the people contacting me saying that they know me, I should really do a 'friend cull'
2% (4 votes)
Friends are just a reflection of all the different aspects of my personality, whether they are good or bad
27% (65 votes)
Total votes: 241

After Life

Which of the major monotheistic religions focusses most on the afterlife (akhira) and which is concerned with this life (dunya)?
All opinions welcomed.
Except being rude about other beliefs.

(as 2007 revival personality of the year i withold the right to ban you.)

Religion on Trial

All the major World Religions have been charged with Crimes Against Humanity, and it is up to ace (trainee-) lawyer Ya’qub Bell to defend Islam:

People who are Religious are following something that is not true. There is no proof for it.

It is not a ‘fact’ whether any religion is true or false. People are free to choose to believe in what they think is right. A teaching of Islam is that ‘there is no compulsion in Religion’. In terms of ‘proof’ for God’s existence, Allah (swt) is so much Greater than a human, that it is impossible someone to even imagine what He looks like, this is why Allah (swt) doesn’t show Himself to us. Instead He shows us ‘signs’ (ayat) of His Existence.