Govt Wins Europe Vote Amid Backbench Revolt

The Government has won a vote against holding a referendum on Britain's future in the EU - but as many as 82 Tory MPs defied the Prime Minister.

Dave had issued a last-minute appeal to his MPs as he faced the biggest rebellion of his leadership.

Tory backbenchers were told to vote against the motion calling for a referendum on whether the UK should remain in the EU, leave it or renegotiate its membership.

However, dozens of backbenchers and junior members of the Government defied orders.

In the end, the Government comfortably won the vote with a majority of 372.

Legal warning to UK over benefits for EU nationals

The European Commission has threatened legal action against the UK, saying a test of eligibility for benefits discriminates against foreigners.

It says it is easier for UK citizens to prove their "right to reside" - a test imposed by the UK for certain benefits - than EU nationals.

The commission says it may refer the case to the European Court of Justice.

UK ministers fear taxpayers could be forced into handing out more than £2bn to EU nationals - including so-called "benefits tourists" - if the UK has to comply.

Ministers say it is a "fundamental challenge" to the UK's right to decide its own social security arrangements.