Who are the people of Taqwa?

Salaam! Biggrin

This talk was given by Nouman Ali Khan. A rlly good talk at that too mashAllah, so here it is in summary! Biggrin

One of the essential roles that the Quran plays in the lives of the believers is that it serves as a reminder and by definition a reminder is something that you already know and Allah(swt) reminds us in the Quran of things we know but may not always act upon.

This lends to an appreciation as to why there is so much repetition in the Quran; and the proportion to which something is mentioned in the Quran illustrates how quickly people forget that very same thing.

Have You Got It?

Sajid Iqbal

Gang wars, stabbing, shooting, drug dealing, pimping, mugging, rape, every fraud you can think of, abusive language, fornication.....the list is endless.

Why is it that an increasing number of young Muslims are involved in every crime and dodgy behaviour imaginable?

Today nicking a car tape, selling weed, credit card fraud etc. is as common as eating fish and chips!

The sixty million dollar question is that why are Muslims involved in these shady acts? Well, you could say its the way we’ve been brought up, lack of identity, lack of facilities, the mosques are not offering us anything, our parents are uneducated... the list of reasons (or excuses) is larger than Nawaz Sharif’s bank account!