First 'Islamic' Pub.

Halal 'pub' keeps with changing times

A SWIFT drink down the local has taken on a new twist – at what is thought to be the country’s first Islamic ‘pub’. Reminiscent of the 19th century temperance bars, the Halal Inn, on Featherstall Road, is a public house which has most of the trappings of a traditional British hostelry, but is missing what many would think is the key ingredient – alcohol!

Can Muslims Go To The Pub? Even If They Do Not Drink?

Shaykh Salim Ghisa


Are Muslims allowed to go to the pub even if they do not drink, especially if it is work related?


By Shaykh Salim Ghisa

No. In Islam places which are allocated for the use of Haram activities are forbidden to enter even if it is not for consuming the Haram. The reason for this is that these are places which gain the wrath and the curse of Allah and also as a Muslim one must ensure that their outwardly actions do not lead others to doubt them, therefore going in to Pubs, Clubs, Casinos, dance bars etc could make a person who sees this individual think that they are going in for the wrong reasons.

Allah's Messenger (may Allah bless him and grant him peace) cursed ten people in connection with alcohol: