Wii Like to Play games

By Naheem Zaffar

This article did not make it into Issue 8. We had a similar "" in there instead, which this article cannibalised on. Now this article is presented as an exclusive bonus to our online readers.

Ok, time to play some games. There are three new consoles out. Some call them the next gen. Others the New Gen. We call it a bundle of fun.

Tech Guide - War of the Consoles

By David Orton

Since the announcement of the Playstation 3 I knew there would be conflict between the "NEXT generation" consoles. All of them look and sound wicked but the only way to really find out how good they are I decided to buy all three!

The first console I bought was the Nintendo Wii at £179. I was chuffed with the price and knew this would be sold out everywhere quickly! As I removed it from its box I realised its small chassis and childish yet futuristic appearance. It definitely has the WOW factor!