Mary Magdalene; a film

Mary Magdalene; a film

There is a film released this week for viewing at main cinemas, it depicts the life of Mary Magdalene. I have only seen the trailer, but I do intend to watch the film. I am always interested how MSM portray the Bible and Christianity.

Mary Magdalene Trailer (2018) Rooney Mara Jesus Movie

It as already started some opposition, in the fact that it appears to portray a romantic [more then just a platonic] relationship between Mary Magdalene and Jesus. This in itself is not unusual; there have been many film, and book portrayals concerning this alleged relationship.


im at work at the moment.
At work everythings usually ok and everyones friendly
but there is this guy who isn't muslim and all he ever tries to do is make me convert to christianity.
hes also predicted i will turn christian by february 2012
help me people how do i shut him up?
and he never lets me talk and is always on about how jesus is god and how he has the power of jesus in him bla bla bla
when i mention the fact that Jesus (Isa) peace be upon him was a prophet he gets angry and defencive. he's a nice person overall and i dont want to have a fall out with him but how do i get him to understand islam and what do i say to him?....HELP!