United States warns Turkey about coming WikiLeaks release

The United States has notified Ankara that the expected new release of classified US documents may contain references to Turkey, a Turkish official said on Friday

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The files potentially contain information about Turkey helping militants in Iraq and America supporting the PKK in Northern Iraq (and Turkey).

Support our troops? Not when they do this!

The MoD is furious that wikileaks has released many documents about the Iraq War.

They are furious as incidents like this one where a as she played in the street have a very slight chance of becoming public knowledge:

...Lawyer Phil Shiner said the murder happened while soldiers were handing out sweets to children.

He said: "The tank stopped at the end of the street, she's there in her yellow dress, a rifleman pops up and blows her away."...

So, to those that say "you should support our troops", I ask, do they support murder?