Vote Labour, Same Politics just rebranded.

Jeremy Corbyn at rally on 6 June 2017 - with Rainbow

The Rising of Britain’s ‘New Politics’ by J Pilger.

A decent article on New, new Labour, Here is the link

Well worth a read, remembering the rules.

1] This form of Politics is not just practiced by UK Politicians.

2] As i have said before the first rule in politics is gain power [anyhow] The second rule stay in power [anyhow] again not unique to the UK. [or even politics]

3] Lastly, watch what your leaders do, not what they say. [both political and religious]

O Nick Clegg where art thou?

Were you not the leader of the party that was most sane on the issue of Palestine? Were you not for an arms embargo on Gaza?

Has that changed since your alliance with the Conservatives? You seem to have sold your soul.

Where is the Prime Minister to state the terrible nature of this assault?

And how about condemning this act insted of Mr Hague being forced to deplore the loss of life? explained it well: