Visiting The Sick

I have a question to ask. Does anyone know of any particular dua or surah to recite when visiting someone who is really ill?

I was just visiting my cousins grandad(not first cousin) who was diagnosed with cancer a while back and is now in critical situation. It was kinda scary watching him just lay there in his sleep and just keeping one eye on heart beat monitor.

It really brings you back to reality and makes you realize how temporary this life is and that we could die any minute.

The hardest thing is watching the relatives. You don't know what to say so everyone's just there in silence. Everyones emotions are really high at this moment yet you wanna remind them that this is all a test.

Me, My Sister & Anorexia


Sad Face - Depression
Sad Face - Depression
Jannah As-Sabil

“I don’t know why you have to be immature about it.” I put my foot in it again. Opened my big mouth.

“Don’t you dare call me immature, you don’t understand it’s hard for me.” My sister erupts into a flood of tears and walks out of the room. I sit contemplating.

Anyone else would have probably shrugged off the comment or started a slanging match. Even if they felt angry, crying would probably not have been their first reaction. “Alhamdulillah,” I murmur under my breath. Accidentally throwing away the salt of my sister, a depressive anorexic sufferer, and consequently making such a comment was not the best idea, especially as it involved food.