#MossadStoleMyShoe : When the other shoe drops

Recently Asghar Bukhari of MPACUK posted online that he had lost a shoe from him home. The twist was that he thought it was some sort of intimidation campaign by zionists who wanted to show that they could get to him,

The twittersphere exploded with ridicule from The Quilliam Foundation's Majid Nawaz who started a twitter hashtag "#MossadStoleMyShoe" to other zionists who found it easy to capitalise on this conspiracy theory.

Asghar Bukhari then followed this all up with his response where he stuck to his guns, stated that other activists have also suffered such things and even a former US senator who was pro Palestine documented such behaviour.

Naturally this has just increased the ridicule, exposing a level of paranoia that seems unreal.

Navigating my Android, Xperia x10 Redux

Today while at work I read that the google maps that can be downloiaded for android (and this update has been available since before I got my phone) now comes with navigation.

So I thought I would test it out.

But before I get onto that, a couple of other things. I think google is spying on me...

In the maps app, for "from" I accidentally hit the letter "i" and the very first suggestion that popped up was "Islamgarh, Mirpur, Azad Kashmir" or something close.

Secondly, google mail has built in chat and the phone has a gtalk app. Today, freakily it suddenly started talking to me. Well, not it but someone who I have emailed (revival related) who needed to get some things done. I had thought if the app was shut, I would be unavailable.