Depression – What depression?

Written By Khadija Tai

Having worked as a social worker for the last 8 years in Birmingham, I have come across depression almost on a daily basis. With my experience and real life exposure to this illness, I write the following:


So what is depression?

The general definition of depression is a psychological disorder that affects a person's mood changes, physical functions and social interactions.

Sheesha Bars - The Muslim Club OR Another Hub?


Areeba Khalid, 25, Derby

I can’t believe some of the fuss that is being made about shisha bars. I think people would have a stronger point if they said shisha is Haram because it is bad for you by backing it up with evidence. Saying it is haram because of the environment (intermixing/music) – in my opinion sounds a little bit ridiculous. It’s like saying going to school/town/any other café is Haram because of what COULD happen. We live in a country and a society where intermixing/ background music is pretty normal. We’ve all been to schools and the majority of us work in such environments.

Nouman Ali Khan - Contradicting Community


Subhanallah an amazing lecture on how as a community we should attract MUSLIMS to Islam. From how to deal with your parents to how the imams should deal with the youth, he covers it all.

Must Watch insha Allah. You'll only benefit. Smile

Gossip Queens and back stabbing

If an Islamic organisation is going to do something, I would expect it to have a basic level of standards:

  1. To not gossip
  2. To really do things for the sake of Allah and not for personal gain.
  3. To realise that humans are humans and cannot be perfect all the time and to give people an opportunity to repent and mend their ways.
  4. To not stab fellow Muslims in the back.

Granted organisations such as MPAC seem to not follow number 3 very well, but I had expected the following of the rest to be easier. However it seems that some gossip is just too juicy for them to not comment on.

What Every Mosque Should Do

Are you fed up with your Mosque? Are you tired of the constant in- fighting? Are the women being sidelined? Is there even a place for women in your Mosque? Do you understand the Friday Khutbahs? Does your Imam cater for the needs of the community? Do you wish that your Mosque did more? Is your Mosque the centre point of your life?

The Revival has come up with some ideas of how to improve our mosques and passionately argues what every mosque should do.

1. Dawah/ Non Muslims

A regular course on dealing with and answering misconceptions against Islam.