How do I know if I am being tested or punished?

I watched this video a week or two back. It's beautiful and powerful and I think YOU, yes YOU, person of Revvy who has opened this post should watch, okay? It's definitely one of those must-watch's and so i'd recommend it to you all. I hope it touches you in the same way that it touched me and continues to touch me. It also mentions Rida which i briefly explained in my previous blog. Let me know your thoughts or anything else you want to say.


Look Into Their Eyes

People Crying, People Dying..The Truth Has Been Murdered

I Know They're All Lying..

It's All An Illusion, It's A Pre-Planned Deception

If You're A Non Believer Then You're An Exception

I Watch Them Suffer, I Watch Them Cry

I Have Seen Their Hopes...Their Happiness Die

My Sisters Tears Aren't Fake, She's Drowned In Devastation

My Eyes Fill With Tears..Watching This Manipulation

Baby Haniya Is Waiting For Mummy To Be Free

My Heart Breaks Watching Her Wait

Watching Her Wait So Patiently

A Mother Is Eagerly Waiting For Her Son

Innocent Abdullah...Six Years He's Been Gone

I Read It In The Papers, In The News..Everyday

That Innocence Is A Danger To Us In Every Way

But Brothers And Sisters You've Gotta Help Me Out

The man who committed 99 Murders

The man who committed 99 Murders

On his 99th Murder
he heard someone say
"you'll be punished tomorrow
for the crimes you did today."
So he went to a man
who was respected and good
Told him what he'd done
would he be forgiven if he could?
The man shoook his head
and quickly he said
"Hell is made for people like you
God'll punish for the people you slew"
So the man said "oh well
if my final resting cell
is that fiery pit of hell
I might kill you as well"
But he still felt blue
With the fact that he knew
He was not worthy of Allah
And the tears fell down his face
As he felt out of place
In the house for Salah
Someone heard his weeping
"What painful secrets are you keeping?
Why are those your tears that are seeping
through your clothes?"