Are you smarter than you think?

Another copy and paste job, but this is an interesting article. Some of these points are easily dismissed, so it makes you think outside the box. Though the last one contradicts the first point.


Nine Ways To Become Smarter Than You Think:

1. Spend Significant Chunks of Time Offline

2. Engage in “Cognitive Diversity”: Do Something Mentally Different

3. Don’t Isolate Yourself: Learn Social Thinking

4. Find Your Passion: It Drives Memory and Creativity

5. Don’t Just Follow The “Thought Leaders” Or Elite

6. Know When (And When Not) To Rely On “Outsourced Intelligence”

7. Play Video Games, The Gateway Drug To New Learning 

8. Be Willing To Adapt Your Thinking Strategies

Scientist: "Survival of the thickest" is making us stupid!

Well, this is an interesting one that goes against all the common theories. It is often suggested that people are getting smarter over time as they have to access more of their brain, in better ways due to education and all that.

Now a scientist comes across and suggests that we have been getting thicker for maybe longer than 2000 years!