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What to look for in a laptop

Laptop on grass

Laptop on grass
Laptop on grass

DISLCAIMER: Subject to interpretation, individual use and budget

My checklist to buying a Laptop. 

  1. CPU (i5 or i7 for best performance)
  2. RAM (8GB, nothing lower IMO)
  3. Display Resolution (1920x1080)
  4. Size (14 - 16 inches)
  5. Keyboard (Spaced out, with a number pad. Backlit if you're feeling ambitious)


Feel free to add, remove, outsmart or make a suggestion. 

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Ticking Time Bombs

‘Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 is not the company’s only smartphone prone to dangerous explosions, according to a new lawsuit that says a Galaxy S6 Active shot out flames 5in high and left one user with melted flesh.

It was revealed that the lithium ion battery was causing combustions.

More than 90 Samsung Note 7 phones have caused damage, and problems continued even after the company recalled and replaced some of the phones. 

The Note 7 is now banned from many airlines, forcing the company the open stalls in airports where owners can swap or refund devices before boarding.

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