Charlie Hebdo

The Paris attackers hijacked Islam but there is no war between Islam and the west

Tariq Ramadan

France faces difficult days ahead, but let’s not hand the extremists a victory they could not achieve for themselves

The compels us to be clear and to be consistent. We have to condemn what happened in Paris absolutely. I said the same after and after 9/11. And after Jordan and and Mali.

Paris "Charlie Hebdo" Killings

Yesterday, a group of gunmen burst into the French Satirical Magazine Charlie Hebdo and killed atleast a dozen people.

The families of all those killed will be suffering right now and their pain can be easily felt and shared as a human connection (especially with others who have shared similar pain, especially through the chaos in the Muslim world).

Indiscriminate murder is wrong and against Islam.

If that is not enough of a statement for some who will question past acts of Charlie Hebdo, other news outlets have confirmed that some of those killed were actually friends of Muslims and fought against discrimination in France against Muslims and even supported Turkey joining the EU.