Bangladesh hangs Abdul Kader Mullah of the Jamaat-e-Islami party for war crimes during independence

Big news from bangladesh today: ! (link to BBC News article).

Abdul Kader Mullah was a senior leader in the Jamaat-e-islami party which back at the time of independence in fought for unity against independence... and lost. For context, tThe current PM calls the guy who led the independence movement daddy (and the former PM and leader of the opposition calls the man who executed him daddy).

A clueless blog about Bangladesh

Since it is kicking off over there, I thought its a good topic to blog about.

In my typical style, it will be without research. People are free to correct any factual errors, disagree with opinions etc. That is what the internet is for.

Before Bangladesh there was East Pakistan. and before then whatever India as a whole was called. I assume it was called India.

The British managed to get control over all of it but the people there wanted independence.

Some wanted a United India, others saw pitfalls in that.

Without rehashing the whole argument, in the end it was divided into two countries - Pakistan and India. This blog is not about India.