A Blaze of Anger, a Curse of Regret

Angry Man

Angry man being angry
Angry man being angry
Jannah As-Sabil

“Haven't you done the ironing yet? I need my shirt ironed for tomorrow.”

“I've only just finished the cooking.”

“You've had the whole day to do it, what have you been doing?”

“You want a run-down? Got the kids ready for school, had to speak to the headmaster about Ahmad's low grades, went to the doctor, got my prescription, did the weekly shopping, hoovered the house, had to pop round to a sisters...”

“You're always popping round sisters' houses, I reckon that's what distracts you. Once you lot get chatting, before you know it, the whole day has passed. ”

“For your information, I was visiting a sick sister. why can't you iron your own shirt for once?!

"Iron my own shirt-"